Thursday, August 25, 2011


New Indonesian League Taking Shape?

It is only the opening gambit in Indonesian football's latest new dawn but at a press conference earlier this evening the new look PSSI announced that top flight football would comprise of two divisions of 16 clubs each while the second tier would have four divisions of 12 teams each.

Indonesia can't seem to decide whether it wants to have a single top flight featuring the 18 best teams which makes sense from a purely footballing point of view or a twin division which would feature more dead wood than a lumberjack camp but allows clubs to spend less on travel costs as it would be divided regionally.

The AFC apparently demand a single division, hence the Indonesia Super League which was introduced in 2008/2009 and the PSSI will put their proposal to the body early next month to see if they have changed their minds.

This is a possible break down but don't read too much into it. Persik appear in both lists while Persita are in the second tier and Persikota in the top tier which doesn't make immediate sense;

Level 1 candidates:

Persipura, Arema, Persija, Semen Padang, Sriwijaya FC, Persisam, Persib, Persiwa, Persela, Persiba, PSPS, Pelita Jaya, Deltras, Persijap, Bontang FC, Persema, Persibo, PSM, Mitra Kukar, Persiraja, PSMS, Pro Duta FC, Persik, PSIS, PSCS, Persikota, Persis, Persiba, Persebaya, PS Barito Putra, PSS, PSIR, PS Bengkulu, Persipasi

Level 2 candidates:

PSAP, Persita, Persik, Persitara, Persikabo, PSLS, PSSB, Persires, Persiram, Gresik United, Perseman, PSIM, Persikab, Persemalra, PPSM, Persidafon, PSBI, Persigo, Persiku, Persipro, Perseru, PSMP, PSBS, Persibul, Persepam, PSBL, Persinjai, Madiun Putra, Persewangi, Persip, PSBK, KSB, Persetema, Persid, Persepar, PSGL

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