Thursday, August 11, 2011


Fachry Husaini

I've long been intrigued be this geezer. Why? Because in a country where loyalty in football is as rare as an exciting sinetron this man has been coach of Bontang since 2008. It's not as if he has won anything 'cos he hasn't. Indeed the team would have finished 18th last season had all teams that started in the ISL ended in it.

As it happened Bontang finished 15th. Still way clear at the bottom. But there didn't seem to be much of an outcry way up in East Kalimantan for him to be ousted.

Fascinating place, Bontang. Never been there of course but the city is part of the true Indonesian football experience. It's a hilly six hour drive from the nearest airport in Balikpapan! I met a woman a while back, she was in Jakarta 'cos her old man had toothache and they lived in Bontang! The drive to the airport wasn't fun!

As well as coaching Bontang for three years Husaini spent the best part of a decade playing for them and a couple of spells as assistant coach.

Bet he has some air miles under his belt!

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