Saturday, May 14, 2011


You Want Goals?

5-2 1,258
1-4 655
1-1 1,019
3-3 523
5-0 1,137
2-2 880
1-4 1,433
0-4 602

OK, let's put aside the fact that SLeague official attendances bear little relation to reality. They include freebies, which is the bulk of them, media and security officials. Let's even ignore the fact that half of Singapore is creaming themselves at the thought that their beloved Manchester bloody United will win the bloody EPL tonight.

What the bloody hell are the FA doing to promote the SLeague? The last few seasons have been exciting, this season promises more of the same. Clubs are supposedly getting more money. But beyond the Young Lions experiment just what is being done to put bums on seats in the SLeague? That strategic plan, which gets wheeled out once in a while, is supposed to talk about increased marketing but where's the walk?

Oh yeah, I forget. A general election kept everyone busy elsewhere...apathy will kill the SLeague.

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