Friday, April 29, 2011


SAFFC Trounced By White Swans

2010 was a rare barren season for SLeague side SAFFC. They won nothing. OK, maybe the won the toss once or twice but that was about it.

Coach Richard Bok made some changes and went into 2011 hoping for better luck but if anything last season's inconsistencies have not gone away.

A big investment at the back has seen the experienced Daniel Bennett joined by the consistent Bah Mamadou and the younger Daniel Hammond. Together with Shaiful Esah a strong defence one would contend wouldn't one? Five clean sheets in their opening seems to support that argument.

At the other end new striker Mislav Karolgan has come in started netting straight away with five in his opening 19 games. Surely things were coming together for the Warriors?

Well, not quite. Two wins in their opening two games was followed by a defeat. Two more wins followed by one more loss. Then, before last night, three wins and a draw, against champions Etoile, perhaps had Bok thinking a corner had been turned.

Then came Albirex Niigata. 6-3 they lost. Six bloody three! Suddenly the meanest defence in the league was parting like the Red Sea for every Singaporean's favourite Japanese team.

Striker Karolgan did his job last night, he scored twice, the other was scored by Ivan Jerkovic, but 'cos football is a team game and 'cos he is a professional, he would have been gutted because his team lost. No gloating on the MRT going home after the game saying ha ha I scored twice.

For Bok some serious questions lie ahead. Was this drubbing just one of those days that happen to everyone no matter what they do? What is stopping the team putting together a decent run of results? Did he buy enough bunting for the street party today celebrating the royal wedding?

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