Saturday, April 23, 2011


Go Figure

Everybody in Indonesian football talks about the need to generate more revenue streams, about the need to get more bums on the seats. But as is all too often the case the hot air coming from their mouths is never backed up by any meaningful action.

Check out these two attendances for Persib's last couple of home games.

v PSPS 15,146
v Sriwijaya 26,567

The astute will know that the Sriwijaya game was played on a public holiday while the PSPS was played in the afternoon of a work day.

I think the numbers speak for themselves...but why were there no other games scheduled for yesterday? Not even the Liga Primer Indonesia, who talk alot about mimicking the English Premier League, saw fit to spread games over the weekend.

The final week of Divisi Utama is upon us...and just one game is scheduled for the weekend while Monday, bloody Monday ffs when everyone is back at school and work, has a full complement...

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