Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Okta The Fallen Star

Oktavianus Maniani burst on to the scene during the ASEAN Football Federation Cup last December. Especially against Malaysia and Lao he impressed with his pace though many were quick to point out that perhaps the lad was a sandwich or two short when it came to a picnic. A one trick pony to put it politely.

Certainly he faded after that initial impact but he had got Indonesian football fans, the new breed seduced by the freshness of that squad and the Irfan Bachdim factor, had found a new hero with some excited souls suggesting he could make a go of it in Europe.

For now the it looks like he can't even make it to the SEA Games in Indonesia at the end of the year. Coach Alfred Riedl has dropped him from the training camps ahead of the biennial Under 23 competition.

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