Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My European Football Weekends Debut

I fell out with the English game yonks ago. Things have got to the stage now where round about mid to end February I can write Arsenal's obituary while Wenger still thinks that we are gonna amass all the silverware on offer.

Since I left England I have had spells watching football in Australia during late 80s, early 90s and Germany also early 90s. South east Asia followed in what I have been told are called the naughties.

But if I was still living in England what would I be doing? The average Arsenal fan these days who goes to games is about 43 years old. But the Arsenal today ain't the Arsenal I grew up with. Neither, by extension, is the game.

Possibly I would have drifted to the non league game with its infinite number of stadiums and leagues. Depending on job and location flocking off to Europe may have been an option as well. Music died while I was still a teenager, looking at the options for a 40 something there aren't that many out there beyond sitting in a bar and morphing into a grumpy old git.

That's why I love European Football Weekends and that's why I'm dead chuffed to make my debut there today!

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