Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Lights Are Going OutB

Back before I started this 'ere drivel I recall watching Steve Darby being interviewed while he was still coach of Perak and midway through the natter the stadium's floodlights went out leaving the coach to natter on in pitch black.

Something similar at Tampines Stadium last week when, during a post match chat being filmed, some bugger turned the floodlights out.

Clubs don't own their stadiums in this part of the world, they rent them from the local government and the people who tend to seek security and a stifling of intellectual curiosity by working in government service (yeah I know, oxymoron) tend to follow regulations like they were holy writ.

But surely someone would think that perhaps the FA can sit down with these people and say look, when we're doing a press conference or interview on the field and the lights go out it looks bloody pathetic and shows everyone up in a poor, umm, light. Leave 'em on a bit later lah, go on, think out the box at least once in your dull time on this planet.

Wonder what Mr Teo Hock Seng have anything to say about this incident and also about the techno music? Or is it Winston Lee's problem? Or is it nobody's baby?
perhaps no one really cares. for all the thrills on the field off it the game is mored in apathy and negativity...oh, there i go agin
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