Friday, March 11, 2011


Ignoring A Home Grown Legend

Last week everyone in Singapore was queuing to have their picture taken with Pele and Eric Cantona. Legends, they were calling them.

Singapore of course has its very own home grown legend. Fandi Ahmad is his name and even football haters on the island recognise he was a very special talent back in the day. He was also the first Singaporean footballer whose name I could remember. On a visit in the late 80s, early 90s I picked up a couple of brochures about Singapore football, featuring the likes of Pioneer Arsenal, and his name was a regular.

Anyway, back on 20th January he wrote the the FAS saying he would welcome the opportunity to get involved at some level with football in the country. It was revealed yesterday that he had yet to receive a response! Nearly two months and no-one had bothered to say thanks for your note and we'll be in touch?!

Instead, and this was carried out in the TNP, which I whined about last week, we had Fandi wondering why no-one had bothered replying and then the FAS saying they would discus the matter at a meeting next week!

That's how it works. A letter sits gathering dust somewhere and it takes a newspaper to joins the two strands together.

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