Sunday, February 13, 2011


Lee Hendrie

Finally uploaded the Lee Hendrie to Jakarta Casual TV. More images of the Robbie Williams lookalike can be found at Asian Football Pictures.

Right, time for me to return to real life.

If the S-League can get the retiring EPL players like Neville, Henry, Ruud to come play here, the crowd attendances will instantly rocket, but that's in another life...
hendrie put nothing on the gate yesterday..apart from me
Ahaha .. maybe becasue they didn't sell it well .. btw why don't you make an interview with Wim Rijsbergen or Lionel Charbonnier or Jose basualdo .. i believe they were in the highest level of football a.k.a WORLD CUP Finals .. so its goood to understand what they were thinking about Indonesian Football . Keep it up a good works , mate ..
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