Monday, January 24, 2011


Bandung's Stadium Shortage

Persib's Siliwangi Stadium is well past it's sell by date. As if high fences aren't enough many of the terraces seem to be below the level of the pitch effecting the spectators' view even more.

Ahead of last night's game with Arema, scenes can be seen on Jakarta Casual TV, I understand security officials were reluctant to grant permission for the game to go ahead. But what were the alternatives? First choice Jalak Harupat has a 50% bigger capacity but is currently being renovated.

The city of bandung and it's environs play host to three top flight professional football clubs. Persib of course who are more than just a team for their Bobotoh, play at Jalak Harupat. Persikab used to play at the Jalak Harupat but they have moved to the Bima Stadium in Cirebon, perhaps a three hour drive north.

LPI new boys Bandung were forced to play their opening game of the season in Kuningan, on the road north from Bandung because Persib were already using Siliwangi. The plan is for Bandung to use Siliwangi in the future but their next home game, against Persema, clashes on the same weekend with Persib playing Pelita Jaya.

Bandung is looking forward to a new, oft delayed stadium which was scheduled to open later this year but perhaps 2012 is more reasonable. The Gedebage Stadium will have a capacity of 60,000 which should be enough for the Persib fanatics leaving Persikab to use the way too large Jalak Harupat and Bandung in the Siliwangi.

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