Friday, October 29, 2010


Bogor Raya's Big Ambitions

The Liga Primer Indonesia isn't due to start until next January but Bogor Raya have laid their ambitions out. Top Skor, a local sports tabloid, has a Director of the club quoted as saying that as a minimum requirement they want a coach who has worked at the World Cup and goes on to suggest Bora Milutinovic would be an ideal candidate.

I can just see the likes of Franz Beckanbauer and Arrigo Saachi beating a path to the Rainy City, all eager to find out what players the club have given them to work with. Oh yeah, the players. This coach with World Cup experience, whoever he maybe, will be delighted to know that the new club will open trials for anyone in Bogor who loves a good kick around. Plus some foreigners plus some players from second tier Persikabo. And will be ready in two months.

Many see the LPI as being a great new dawn for Indonesian football but I have never shared that optimism. This story says why. A couple of days ago I fleetingly mentioned human resources...

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