Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Short Term Thinking Mars Arema Preparations

Having been drawn against Persib in the Quarter Finals of the Indonesia Cup, ISL champions Arema should be focused on a double season. But they're not. Instead players' contracts are lapsing and management are, apparently, only offering short term deals to keep players until the end of the Cup.

Naturally the players are none too happy with this short term thinking and are holding out for season long deals covering 2010-2011.

While this kind of thinking, save a few bob today and let tomorrow sort itself out, is common enough I do have a shred of sympathy with the club in this case. The powers that be that run the league know how clubs operate here and despite telling everyone to get proactive in their planning it just isn't happeneing.

But the organisers haven't helped matters by having the quarters/semis and final of the Indonesia Cup long after the season has ended. What kind of daft thinking is that? Contracts are ending and players are thinking of their futures, not some games added almost as an after thought to the season.

With a new season slated to start in September why the hell would players want to sign on for an extra month or two then come August, when the Cup is finally done and dusted, start thinking about finding a new club when most clubs will have already done their signings and be in pre season.

It's a nonsense schedule and one the League should have forseen.

short term deal is not ideal solution,i cant understand how champion like arema didnt have money,an ironi i guess....
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