Thursday, April 29, 2010


This made me laugh

Some suits no one has ever heard of have decided that Singapore is the second best sporting city in the world after Melbourne and ahead of London...course it is.

I mean London has football teams like Brentford and Millwall in the lower leagues that attract attendances of 7,000. Arsenal get 60,000. Chelsea get 40,000. Even a shit West Ham get about 35,000.

How the hell can Singapore be rated better? Oh, I see. Next year they are holding the World Netball Championship!

Woo bloody woo.

Melbourne has a similar population to Singapore but last weekend 94,000 turned out to watch Essendon play Collingwood in the AFL. Singapore struggles to attract 1,500 to its own domestic league games.

Even putting Singapore in the same sentence as sport and Melbourne does the Australian city a great disservice. Perhaps Singapore and Lightning Ridge but then the New South Wales town has never hosted a world netball event.

As ever it seems the people behind these bloody nonsense awards put political considerations above merit. I like Singapore but as a sporting destination it is purely Conference standard. One F1 Grand Prix a year does not great make.

only wrote it cos bored...
me a Singaporean, but even this surprise is too big. We are the 2nd best sporting city? It doesn't feel like it at all.
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