Friday, November 20, 2009


Indonesia under Benny

A look at results in competitive games or 'proper' friendlies under Benny Dollo.


Yemen H 1-0 (Bambang Pamungkas)
Malaysia H 1-1 (Bambang Pamungkas)
Vietnam H 1-0 (Bambang Pamungkas)
Cambodia* H 7-0 (Charis Yulianto, Budi Sudarsono 4, M Ilham, Bambang Pamungkas)
Myanmar* H 4-0 (Arif Suryono 2, Budi Sudarsono, Bambang Pamungkas)
Bangladesh^ A 2-0 (Firman Utina, TA Mushafry)
Myanmar^ A 1-2 (Ismed Sofyan)
Myanmar^ A 1-2 (og)
Myanmar** H 3-0 (Firman Utina, Budi Sudarsono, Bambang Pamungkas)
Cambodia** H 4-0 (Budi Sudarsono 3, Bambang Pamungkas)
Singapore** H 0-2
Thailand** H 0-1
Thailand** A 1-2 (og)


Oman*** A 0-0
Australia*** H 0-0
Singapore A 1-3 (Eka Ramdhani)
Kuwait*** A 1-2 (Bambang Pamungkas)
Kuwait*** H 1-1 (Budi Sudarsono)

This does not include friendlies against club sides or non A internationals.

The friendly in 2009 against Singapore was Indonesia's first game in 10 months! Hardly ideal preparation for Asian Cup qualifiers.

Having the players together in a two or three month training camp which is what the Indonesians have been doing over the last few years is a poor replacement for actually playing against top quality opposition

* - Independence Cup played in Jakarta. Also featured Indonesia U23 and Lybia U23
^ - Grand Royal Challenge played in Myanmar. Also featured South Korean club side Ulsan Hyundai
** - ASEAN Cup
*** - Asian up Qualifiers

Look at them teams they played! It's like living in a goldfish bowl.

Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc, etc.

They send their U-19 to South America, but the full national team struggle to get any real opposition outside of the region, bar playing 'touring' African teams.

When will the day happen when teams prepare properly overseas themselves?
it does seem like they are neglecting the national team. almost given up on them
yeah indonesian FA are no good when it comes to the selection of the member of the nat team because a lot of good footballers in indo but they never called up by the FA...consider this, Persipura are Indo Champion and only boaz featured in the NT...i recall the slovenian NT when they play against russia, on euro 2000 back when the likes of Zlatko zahovic play indo already featured Bambang P. and friends no offense, but now slovenian are a lot different team but indo are still the same....wellwell...
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