Sunday, October 25, 2009


Thai international shot at

Suchao Nutnum, the TOT defender, had shots fired at him in the early hours of Friday morning, news report here, but I understand he made training and gave no indication of anything untoward happening.

Can you imagine if it had been an English player? He would be on the phone to his pet journo, he'd have sympathetic photos of him and his suitably concerned looking WAG staring puppy like out of the tabloid before checking themselves in counselling, booking a couple of TV shows then writing a book about it.

All before breakfast.

Suchao goes to training, says not a word and is now preparing to go to Phuket for the Kata Cup while his team mates draw straws for who will sit next to him on the team bus.

Them 18 hour drinking sessions must seem pretty tame now to Robbo!

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