Saturday, October 17, 2009


Subramani - a tribute from Steve Darby

" I once described Mani to a Lebanese newspaper as a virus! Once he got hold of you he was impossible to shake off. I dont know if they understood but the opposition players soon did.

We then progresed through to the AFC cup semi final, an incredible acheivment for such a small club captained by Mani. Basically playing against Mani was an attackers nightmare, sharp elbows, bony knees. never smiled and that was just in training as I have personally experienced!

His good mate Egmar used to be bruised all over after training.

But on a more serious note he was a magnificent professional who was an outstanding captain for me for 3 wonderful seasons, dedicated and hard working with a massive love for the game.

But also of a more vital note he was an honest and good person off the pitch as well. I sincerely hopes he stays in the game as the Singapore game needs people such as Mani"

* thanks to former Home United coach Steve Darby for sending me this. It will also be used in the brochure for the SLeague Awards Night next month...a special pictorial tribute will be appearing on Asian Football Pictures soon

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