Saturday, October 17, 2009


Saigon United going down, down, down

Saigon United was denied an official voice at the sixth-term meeting of the Vietnam Football Federation on Thursday for failing to register in time.
The Second Division club, which is taking its case for reinstatement in the First Division to the court of arbitration, was meant to register by September 30 but left it until this Tuesday.
Because of the tardiness, Saigon United was reduced to the role of observer at the preparatory meeting on Wednesday.
The club’s case for reinstatement in the First Division is that it was unfairly penalized when the VFF relegated Quang Ngai to
Second Division and annulled the results of all its matches as punishment for its players walking off the field when Saigon United was awarded a penalty 10 minutes from full time in their match on July 25.
The upshot was that Saigon United didn’t get three points for its 2-1 victory on July 25, or for its previous win over Quang Ngai.
With six points disappearing, Saigon United ended the season at the bottom and was duly relegated.

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