Saturday, October 24, 2009


Politician jumps on Thai football bandwagon

Some Thai politician has suggested that ASEAN bid formally for the World Cup in 2018. Christ, the things these people do for a few inches. Column inches I meant.

First, there is no way on this earth 10 nations can host a World Cup. Second there is no way ASEAN can agree on anything long enough to host anything beyond a gob fest for other politicians. And third...the bidding process is already under way.

The best way politicans can help football is by not getting involved. At any level.

Hi "me",

hahaha, we wouldn't want to see the another BAFA saga eh?

Imagine we have all the FAs in Asean being ban because of government's interference!!
or imagine having the head of one fa in jail and fifa doing nothing even tho their statutes specifically have something to say on the matter

blatters bully boys...
How quickly they forget the Asia Cup debacle (saved by Iraq's run to the championship).

As for Thai politicians. Remember Thaksin wanted the Thai government to buy Liverpool, but did absolutely zero for the domestic game. Tells you all you need.
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