Sunday, October 18, 2009


A little bit of the Balkans

During my chat with Persija midfielder Mustafic Fahruddin we got talking about the number of players from the former Yugoslavia in this part of the world. In Singapore there is of course Aleksander Duric as well as coach Raddy Avramovic and Woodlands Wellington coach Nenad Bacina.

DPMM had Ivan Jerkovic who also played with Pelita Jaya while Bojak had a long career in Singapore and most recently was coaching My Team in Malaysia

In Indonesia there is Mijo at Persiba while Robbie Gaspar, Mijo's former team mate and now with Persema, has Croatian ancestry.

Last week of course Persija and Persema met up and while it's always worth a laugh when you win, Mustafic admits to being a bit confused at one stage. Hearing Gaspar call out something in Serbian he automatically looked round expecting to see the now Aussie talking to him. But he wasn't. Gaspar was talking to Jairon, Persema's Brazilian striker who used to play in Serbia!

Any more?

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