Thursday, October 22, 2009


ISL fixtures

There are, to paraphrase some numpty, few certainties in life. Death of course is one. Stupid people with loud shirts on airplanes another and not forgetting boring soap operas.

But here in Indonesia we have another, uniquelly Indonesia certainty. Changes to the fixture list.

I've not detailed the ones that have happened so far, Persija and Persitara have had games rearranged, but now I will.

This Sunday's game between Pelita Jaya and Persebaya has been put back to December. The reason for the cancellation? The police in Bandung, PJ's temporary home unil there more permanent base, at least for this season, is brought up to scratch in Karawang, have decided they don't want to deal with Persebaya's notorious away support.

Furry muff. I suppose a simple order banning them from travelling would have sufficed but hey?

And Persitara's game at home to Persik has also been rescheduled to December. Reason? No games allowed in October and this particular game had been pencilled in for 31 October. They couldn't put the game back one day?

Just don't go booking your holidays round the ISL.

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