Thursday, October 29, 2009


Exporting the ISL

Is the region ready to watch football from another country in the region?

That was a question I posed at the weekend and I sensed a slight sea change.

Since then I see one Singapore cable TV provider is asking customers whether or not viewers would like to see ISL games.

And the ISL itself is also engaged in some kind of research as to whether or not a market exists out there for their product.

Very laudable indeed. There is nothing wrong at all with a Singapore TV station looking to cash in on the new found interest in Indonesian football brought about by the departure of many top players south.

And there is nothing wrong with Indonesia trying to cash in on the new found interest. And with players coming here from Thailand and Australia that could be quite a bit of interest.

But the authorities here should play a canny game. Not one where they stretch out their hands and their eyes glaze over with dollar signs.

Singapore is interested now purely because of the likes of Noh Alam Shah and Mustafic Fahruddin. Take them out the equation and the interest will evaporate quickly.

Indonesia should offer selected games at a reasonable price and throw in a weekly highlights package in the same deal.

The price should be attractive enough to make the deal fair for all parties and the highlights show should be professionally packaged and produced, not like the shite they show locally where goals are accompanied by a death metal soundtrack.

Football here is much more of a culture than in other countries and showing not just the gams but stuff behind the scenes could be a dead cert winner.

Remember one reason why the Singaporeans came here? To experience the Indonesian football experience.

Export that experience and you stand more chance of hooking people than just showing games with one or two players in the spotlight.

But don't price yourself out of a market that doesn't even bloody exist yet.

yeah it maybe probable.. way i think is if the management is a lot better than now we might had a chance..with superstars from the rest of SEA all play here in indonesia..
you make a good point about the management!
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