Saturday, October 24, 2009


ASEAN football on TV?

Is it time for the ASEAN football to be shown on regional TV?

I was flicking through the channels of South African television the other day in a bar and I was seeing shows, or previews, dedicated to Zambian football, plus of course Kenyan, South African. And that was in just 60 seconds.

It will never happene here though. The poncey middle class wannabes in this area are so fixated on being tropical Little Englanders what they think goes on in their own backyard is trash.

But maybe now there are subtle signs things are changing.

The Singaporean exodus to Indonesia has of course set the tone. The media in Lion City is gleefully telling people back home about the traffic jams and delayed flights that are such a key part of life here, typical scare stories by a government controlled press happy just to show how perfect things are at home.

With Thai players coming to Indonesia and other movements on the cards surely the time is right to consider a pan of ASEAN football show on a regular basis. Football fans have been starved ever since the plug was pulled on Star Sports Top Corner.

But imagine a regular 45 minute show featuring extended highlights plus interviews with key people in The Game as well as a look at the unique footballing culture that exists in the region. Like the Thais wai-ing anything that moves, Indonesian fans and people in Singapore singing happy birthday at half time while eating chicken rice.

There is a lot of ignorance about one's neighbors in the region and such a show would go a long way to dispelling the myths and outright bullshit that is spread by various media in various countries.

And as for sponsorship. Tap into all these budget airlines. Get a kit manufacturer to sponsor a fan of the week and let them get a free kit and merchandise. Have a road trip sponsored by a chain hotel.

Yesterday was the Thai FA Cup Final. Coming soon the Singapore and Malaysia Cup Finals. Singapore against Thailand home and away. The list and opportunities are endless.

Hi "Me",

If this is possible, our pal Ash will get to restart his slot again!! Yahoo!!

We shouldn't be subject ourselves to those "elite" football and it's high time to tell the "Europhile" to appreciate their own backyard football too!!
of course top corner was dropped for a reason - ratings/sponsorship

but there is nothing at all stopping fas putting together highlights packages and floggin em cheap

anything has to be better than nonsese like wimmins basketball or x games
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