Sunday, August 02, 2009


Three points for birthday boy Bok

Showdown Sunday alright and Richard's Bok SAF can look back on a job well done, collecting a crucial three points in a feisty affair at Tampines Stadium.

And yet it could have been so different had Aliff been able to convert Noh Alam Shah's cross while the score was still scoreless. But Tampines were made to pay for that miss and also a night when their delivery into the box was too poor too often.

Straight defeats then for Stags after just one defeat in their first 20 something games, the title is now SAF's to lose and they're just too mechanical. They lose and in the words of a song they get back up again.

Monday sees Bok celebrating his birthday knowing a fourth consecutive SLeague ain't that far away.

Dreams will be less sweet on the east coast though. Noh Alam Shah saw red for a late challenge on the keeper, the Tampines president threatened to have his team walk off in protest at some inexplicable refereeing decisions and their coach, Vorawan, furious at the ref.

Talking about the game he did concede that his side were weak down the right fir both SAF goals but he did also mention once or twice the ref wasn't experienced enough for a game of this intensity.

Speaking after the game Noh Alam Shah probably said something along the lines of 'fucking ref.'

Happy birthday Richard!

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