Saturday, November 29, 2008


Syamsul Arief not for sale

Arema Malang have been told to forget about signing the man who knocked them out of the Copa Indonesia last week.

Persibo have said that Syamsul Arief, who scored three goals in his side's 4-3 aggregate win, is going nowhere after Arema coach Ghusnul Yakin, who used to coach Persibo made enquiries.

Syamsul is believed to be on a contract of 80 million rupiah, compare that to a player like Bambang who is reportedly earning 1.3 billion (about 100,000 USD) but Persibo would be unwilling to let him go to Arema after the Malang giants took their coach earlier in the season.

Expect other clubs to come sniffing...

hey antony,

indonesia getting a new nike kit?
any pictures?
very good question

about a month back i saw pix of bambang in a new style shirt but then in myanmar they wore the old kit...
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