Thursday, November 27, 2008


The next generation

Most of the headlines this season have revolved around money or rather the lackof it and how it effects the established players. Very few people are seeing it as an opportunity to give youth its head, such is the fear of failure that pervades here.

Having the Copa games shown live gives the public a chance to see clubs from the Premier League and it's good to see some rough gems doing their stuff.

I've mentioned Syamsul Arief at Persibo a couple of times recently. He led the Arema defence on a right old song and dance over the two legs and indeed it was his late goal in Malang that set up last night's giant killing when he scored a brace.

Andik Vermansyah is another promising talent. He came on for the last half hour for Persebaya and was frequently involved, looking sharp and intelligent.

Pelita Jaya are one of the few clubs who have seriously invested in youth, two of their players are on loan in Brazil, and in the national Under 21 league they appear to have unearthed another gem. Gherry Sethia has scored six goals in five games so far as Pelita Jaya proudly lead the table.

Persikota are also in the Premier League and they have their own young striker oozing potential. Mostapha Aji has also been mentioned a few times here.

I've only mentioned attacking players because obviously they are the ones who make the most impact, especially in a short time span.

With the big clubs having to make ends meet on smaller budgets perhaps it won't be long before some of these young players make the step up and that can only benefit Indonesian football.

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