Thursday, November 27, 2008


Indonesian ticket sales

I haven't seen much about this but it comes from the FA so it could be on the mark. Official supporters' clubs can buy tickets for the AFF Cup in advance and as long as they ordr at least 50 they will get a discount.

For the rest of us we can pay on the day. Or night.

This is not good. Tickets are sold out of tiny huts which easily get mobbed and indeed for first time visitors difficult to see in the fading light and with thousands milling round. No wonder the scalpers and pickpockets that plague these events are planning their summer holidays next year...who the hell wants to push and shove for tickets eh?

other than that the question is : Is the games in BKK gonna proceed as scheduled given the political turmoil over there?

Certainly hope the external factors aren't gonna ruin the show man!
Truly Indonesian.
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