Sunday, November 30, 2008


Causeway rivals share spoils

Malaysia v Singapore 2-2

Amirulhadi Zainal 22', Hardi Jaafar 75'; Duric 10', 44'

Check out this article from a Malaysian paper and count the references to the foreign players in the Singapore team. Them's the rules lads...

Anyway three successive draws for the champions before they go to Jakarta next week. Not the results they were after but as any coach will tell you the performances were what they were after.

yeah... the Croatian, hahaha.. Duric, I mean Aleksandar not Alexander, is an ethnic Bosnian by birth..

Probably, the reporter thinks "Englishman" and "English-born" are "on-par"
Using foreign talents is inevitable, unless SG want to share fate with Macau football team.
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