Friday, July 25, 2008


The Persitara Farce!

It gets better!

They were due to play Persiwa in Papua later on today, Friday, so they set off on Wednesday night as best as I could make out.

They flew from Jakarta to Makassar which is the main access to Eastern Indonesia and, very likely, they are still there!

If they are lucky they will arrive in Wamena two and a half hours before kick off!!! If they can get the connections!

This football club, no money, no stadium, can't afford a direct flight to the distant island of Papua so have been looking for the chapest flights available.

Imagine this. 22 players and officials of a professional football club milling round dimly lit airports waiting for some cheap tickets!

How much longer must this farce be allowed to continue?

Forever I hope. The world's sporting media are missing out on a classic Laurel and Hardy story here while they allow themselves to be manipulated by greey players and gents.

Fuck Ronaldo and Adebayor, what's the latest with Persitara?!

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