Wednesday, April 09, 2008


We just ain't good enough

Witness Torres' goal midway through the second half. The way he controlled the ball and turned, the way he struck the ball, the signs of a quality striker. Ok he was given space but even so...Contrast with Adebayor. Now I may not have the tactical nous of a Wenger but surely when you want to have one man up top alone he needs certain attributes. Like a first touch. The ability to bring someone else onto play. Adebayor struggles to do the latter because all too often he fails in the former.

It's pointless moaning about the penalty. It's Liverpool and they have been getting away with that kind of shit for years. Two dead certs at ours rejected, Babel falls and they get one. Get used to it, Liverpool get the rub of the green on pens and that won't change.

Of more concern should be this:

Tottenham Carling Cup 1-5
Man United FA Cup 0-4
Liverpool Champions Lge 2-4

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Wenger? This team has developed a losing habit and I don't see any sign of that changing any time soon. Not with this current squad. It started in Paris against Barcelona, continued against Chelsea in last year's Carling Cup and it still flows through the team. They expect to get beaten whether they take the lead or not and Wenger has done nothing about it.

Instead the French manager whines about penalties and feeling hard done by. Me, I'd have a long hard look at his team and get ruthless. As it stands too many of these players are not good enough. People say it takes three years to build a team, this has been three years and we have won nothing.

We're Arsenal. We want trophies not pretty football. Leave that nonsense to serial underachievers like Tottenham and Newcastle.

We ain't even playing good football anymore. Teams have sussed us, pack the area in and around the penalty area and suffocate us. Wenger hasn't risen to the challenge. Can he?

arsenal were unlucky last night, even tho they had calamitous senderos.

they've made a quantum leap since last season, a few more decent players in the squad and u'll b going places.

i really annoyed about the press sniping at wenger these days. liam brady lashed out at eamonn dunphy and souness last night on irish tv about it, and he was totally right too.
of course we shouldn t get rid of wenger.

we deserved to go through against liverpool, over both legs we were the better team but we lack maturity at times and we are naive and wenger must address that soon

he also dropped a bollock in not worryinag about the fa cup and carling cup...simple, we must win things...winning breeds winning

we ll be back!

ps going for the d40!
going for the d40? good choice. don't forget to buy a filter for the kit lens -- will protect it against scratches etc.
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