Monday, April 07, 2008


Watching Manchester United

It's not often I bother watching Manchester United. Or Chelsea for that matter. Watching our bitterest rivals is never a lot of fun as I go into the game knowing only one outcome will suffice. Ronaldo's red hot season has past me by 'cos every game I have been hoping he receives a career threatening challenge. Sad, but true.

Belatedly deciding the Arsenal will not be winning the Premier this season, for so long I thought we would because our last home game was Everton (98, 02), I succumbed to the inevitable and decided to give United a go from a neutral perspective, not caring whether they won or lost.

I came away from the game thinking that if I was a Boro fan I would be one pissed off bunny. How can they perform so well against the likes of Arsenal, United, Liverpool and even run Chelsea close the other day then perform so risably against the trash down the bottom of the table?

Supporting a team is frustrating, see my recent comments about our implosion, but we are in the Champions League next season and have lost twice all season. Boro fans are fighting relegation yet have taken four points from us and yesterday did a bloody good job against United that they deserved three points.

Tuncay and Alves up front looks an enticing option when they have been given time to bed and I do like the look of Wheater; a crusty centre half who Wenger should take a look at. (Forgot, the guy's English.)

United are beatable and their defence, like any in the country, is vulnerable to sustained pressure. If only we had beaten Liverpool. And Birmingham. And Boro...we'd be top!

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