Thursday, April 10, 2008


Pelita Jaya think big

In the old days of the semi professional Galatama Pelita Jaya were possibly the biggest name in Indonesian football. Indeed much of Persija's older support cut their footballing teeth following one of Indonesia's first privately owned clubs in the early 90's when they were winning trophies galore and attracting aging imports like Roger Milla and Mario Kempes.

Krismon, the financial meltdown that hit South East Asia back in 1997, slowed football down but there are now signs that the country, despite numerous off field shenenigans, is flexing its muscle one more time.

With a new stadium, Jalak Harupat, Pelita Jaya are now looking at filling the vast open terraces and are looking to some famous names to help them do so. Three names mentioned so far are Rivaldo, Marcelo Salas and Mario Jardel.

Obviously these guys won't come cheap and all three are unlikely to be strutting their stuff in the Liga Super but the Pelita Jaya manager, Rahim Soekasah, says 'If one of these players wants to come here and the price is reasonable then sure we will take him. Our priority is Rivaldo.'

Could such a signing Beckhamize Indonesian football? That of course remains to be seen but the fact that a club is thinking along these terms is evidence that football here needs to be run by professionals and not political appointees.


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