Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Our away support

While the last few weeks have been disappointing our support away has been impressive. You might excuse people for losing a bit of enthusiam but oh no. Indeed listen to the interview with Rio after the game on Sunday and all you can hear is the Arsenal support. Remember, this was a game that confirmed our title race was over; in truth it had been since Birmingham away.

In my day I always prefered away games. We used to take thousands to places like Villa, Leicester, United while there were also days like Everton and Leeds when we had just hundred but still great days.

During Sunday's game the noise I could hear wss mostly Arsenal's. The Indonesian United fans made more noise than the 'fabled' Stretford End while only someone who has never been there could sing "Oh Manchester is wondeful' with so much passion.

This clip comes from after game when United fans should have been celebrating and we should have been crying in our beer. We weren't were we?

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