Monday, April 07, 2008


It's catching

Goals rarely come about for no reason. Somewhere along the line an error has been made be it one team or another. Or an official. But it does get boring when someone does hit the net and straight the voice in the box gets on to the defence for not clearing, picking up or covering.

On Saturday I was watching a Jakarta Schools match in the Under 15's and I was mentally preparing a report when what happens? The ball rolls down a defender's chest, down his leg. He swings a boot, scythes it to an opponent who pounces and makes it 1-1.

Mentally, instinctively I recorded ' a defensive error...'

I guess at the end of the day there is very little that can be done to describe a game despite all the hours and inches devoted to analysis. My gut reaction is always to be positive, even on Saturday when a ref again failed to give a penalty against Liverpool, it's just too easy to say someone is at fault.

People will always err but instead of concentrating on that why not credit the other team for taking advantage of the slip up?

Martin O'Neill had it right the other week when asked about a goal his side conceded. He said every goal his team lets in comes from a mistake. Accept it.

That Under 15 year old got away with it. Despite losing the lead his team mates came back to win 2-1 and I don't doubt the winning goal was caused by an error somewhere along the line. But I prefer to look at how the striker was able to react quickly and capitalise on the opportunity he had been given.

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