Sunday, April 06, 2008


Bloody Selangor!

So there I was down the travel agent and in a rare moment of extravagance I booked a flight to Singapore. The reason being I hoped to take in the MSL game between Johor and Selangor. After all I reasoned Selangor were going to beat Kedah and that would set the fixture up nicely with just one more game each to play.

Trouble is I omitted to tell Selangor of my plan and they only went and lost last night leaving Kedah eight points clear with four games to go.

Johor v Selangor now is a pretty aimless end of season fixture with Selangor as good as assured second spot and Johor resting nicely in mid table anonymity.

The other option would be to stay on Singapore and take in Home United v Balesiter Khalsa in the SLeague. Home are bubbling along nicely and looking extremely potent up front while Balestier are fast becoming the whipping boys of the league though not as bad as Sengkang.

There is of course one other option. Just sit in a bar and get merrily shit faced!

What would you do eh?

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