Monday, December 10, 2007


The Conductors

I've mentioned on here before the beauty of the spectacle. Seeing thousands of football fans on the Indonesian terraces moving as one body, one soul. One team. It doesn't just happen like that. They have a conductor who rehearese and prepares them for their every move.

Yusef Andibachtiar, the man behind The Jak, has just released his new movie, The Conductors, and I was lucky enough to get the to opening night preview at Grand Indonesia in Jakarta with assorted music types as well as film buffs and Persija and Arema fans.

The movie looks at the similarities between conducting a choir, a symphonic orchestra and a fan filled terrace and it works very well. Yusuf followed Yuli, the 'conductor' of the Arema Malang fan club, Aremania, as he guides 10,000 voices while someone from an altogether different background takes an orchestra to Pahang in Malaysia.

Rich or poor, people always want to be part of something and music can give that sense of belonging. Be it the kampung kids on the terraces or the elite with their cello or university kids with their sopranos.

The movie will be shown at the Jakarta International Film Festival.


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