Wednesday, June 06, 2007


What's in a name?

Quite a lot actually.

I've often been puzzled by Sidoarjo, a club almost a suburb of Surabaya in East Java. They are commonly know as Sidoarjo Deltras and this has confused me because their stadium is known as Gelora Delta. So whence the surplus 'R'?

As ever I found the answer when I was looking for something entirely different. The full name of the club is Delta Putra Sidoarjo and as is the Indonesian want the acronym is Deltras.

I learnt one other thing. The Deltras were originally based in Denpaser, Bali where they were known as Gelora Dewata. They relocated about 2001 to Sidoarjo which was the home town of the club president.

You think that's confusing try this one. Persijatim used to play in Jakarta, Jatim referring to Jakarta Timur or East Jakarta. They were also known for a while as Jakarta FC. They moved to Surakarta where they were known as Solo FC. Confusingly Jatim is also the accepted acronym for Java Timur or East Java and there is to this day a bar in Surabaya called the Jatim. They have now alighted on Sumatra in the city of Pallembang where they are known as Sriwijaya FC.

One day I'll try and decipher the name changes of Pelita Jaya but don't hold your breath. What Indonesia football needs is a Rothmans Football Yearbook!

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