Wednesday, June 13, 2007


South Korea's Premiership stars

It looks highly unlikely any of Korea's English based players will be putting in an appearance at the upcoming Asian Cup.

Manchester United's Park ji Sung was never going to show after he went to America in April to have a troublesome knee looked at.

Lee Young-pyo, the 30 year old Tottenham left back, also has a knee injury. I imagine with Spurs having signed young Welsh defender Gareth Bale, Lee won't want to be away from the training ground too long!

Seol Ki-hyeon of Reading has an ankle injury.

Middlesbrough's forward Lee Dong guk is another one with a dodgy knee

The South Koreans will announce their 23 man squad this Friday.

I of course am in no way cynical and think that it is just coincidence the highest profile Korean footballers should all have injuries that will keep them away from the Asian Cup

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