Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Persekabpas update

Just gone 2-0 up in their Copa Indonesia tie with Nemi being given far too much time to turn on the edge of the box and then beating the Persela keeper on the near post

Within moments Marcio of Persela spits the dummy and deservedly gets a red and Persela were lucky others didn't follow him, they way they jostled and pushed the ref was pathetic but all too common here.

All well and good bemoaning the lack of imagination that emanates from the FA but players too have a responsibilty and each act of petulance just reinforces the belief of the Indonesian public that football here is a joke. Marcio has shown he has a touch of class but this time the red mist came up and strutting round like a spurned rooster in the yard isn't bright and isnt' clever.

Instead of spending the final moments pressing for an away goal that would have seen the visitors go through Persela, outnumbered and outfought, were on the back foot and never looked like threatening.

Persekabpas win 2-1 on aggregate and my pizza hasn't arrived!

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