Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Is Erol Iba on his way to Sydney FC?

A few weeks back it looked like the deal was off, Sydney unprepared to meet Iba's salary as it would break their salary cap.

Now a blogger on Foxsports, Half Time Orange, is saying that the deal may be back on.

Obviously for Erol Iba to play in Sydney can't be anything other than a wonderful opportunity for the lad. Sydney is a world class city to live, work and play in as I know from my time there and I'm sure the Sydney fans would take to the energetic Papuan.

It would also be a boost to young Indonesian players to know that there are clubs out there monitoring the development of football here and that if they perform on the big stage they will be noticed.

I'm sure though that while Persik fans have been delighted by the home form their club has shown in the ACL this year, Indonesian fans would be delighted to see friendlies with the Socceroos on a regular basis. Perhaps if Iba does move overseas the local FA could start to widen their horizons and start thinking about bringing quality international opposition to Indonesia that might fill stadia and not minnows like Hong Kong and Oman.

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