Thursday, June 14, 2007


Indonesian FA announce ticket sale - finally!

I can't make head nor tail of their English translation but this is lifted from the FA site,

The biggest Asian football event kick off in 27 days, all communities appreciate this Asian Cup. Indonesia – as final host gear up for the Asian Cup, more than thousand tickets sold. “More we close to the kick off, the tickets selling will be increase,” said the ticketing LOC Irawan Adjidarmo. The football fans able to reserve the Asian Cup ticket directly, they just have to come to Squash building, Gelora Bung Karno main stadium to order it. Despite order it directly they also able to contact the ticketing division via mobile phone, just call 021-98288948 they can fulfill they tickets needed. Therefore, if the fans want to do not loose any chance watch the Asian Cup live in the stadium, they have to order it right now.

I'm off tomorrow so won't have time to get to the stadium till a few days before the Cup starts.

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