Sunday, June 10, 2007


Grounds for a change?

Lebuk Bulus is a fairly convenient ground to get to. It's by the freeway, near a bus station and has a couple of quality pubs nearby. Acess to the stadium is tricky, just one way in and out makes leaving after the game a nightmare but a couple of malls provide plenty of parking spaces.

I've heard of one rumour doing the rounds that the ground will be extended from it's current 12,000 or 15,000 capacity but I've heard nothing concrete.

Today in a local tabloid was a story about Persija moving back to a more central location in Rawa Sari.

Who knows which has the greater foundation of truth but one thing is certain. Don't expect any quick decision.

Persib bandung are also rumoured to be looking for a new stadium. Neighbours Perskab Bandung District have a jolly affair many miles south of the city but I understand Persib want something more central.

For any budding groundhopper Indonesian football van be a frustrating experience with so little info easily available. Persitara Jakarta North have had 3 stadiums in the last few years with Tugu, Cilegon and now Kamal Muara. Persekabpas Pasuruan District can do better than that. I seem to recall they've played in about 4 different towns in the last 18 months!

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