Friday, June 15, 2007


Jakarta Casual on Tour '07

I'm off on holiday for a couple of weeks so not sure how often I'll be updating this. If you do have any questions feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to answer them...

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Varney Pas Boakai - Persibo Bojonegoro

It's not only the big clubs that go for the imports, giant killers Bojonegoro who knocked Persik Kediri out of the Copa Indonesia have their very own but I wonder who he will support on 30th June?

Varney comes from Liberia and is 24 years old. He was 15 when he started his career with Blue Diamond FC before joing LPRC Oilers in 1999.

After 5 years there he headed east, initially playing for Persigo Gorontalo. In 2006 he moved to East Java where he says the people are very nice and it's all one big happy family!


Copa Indonesia latest

PSS Sleman v Pelita Jaya 0-3
PKT Bontang v Persipon Pontianak 0-0
PSSB Bireuen v Sriwijaya 0-0
Persitara North Jakarta v Persita Tangerang 3-2 (Persita qualify on away goals)
Persekabpas Pasuruan District v Arema Malang 1-0
PSBL Langsa v PSAP Sligi 1-0
Persemalra Tual v Mitra Kukar 2-0 (Persemalra qualify on away goals)
Persibo Bojonegoro v Gresik United 1-0

Next games

Persijap Jepara v Persib Bandung
Deltras v Persabaya Surabaya
Persipura Jayapura v Persidafon
Arema v Persekabpas
Sriwijaya v PSSB
Persiwa Wamena v PSM Makassar


Indonesian FA announce ticket sale - finally!

I can't make head nor tail of their English translation but this is lifted from the FA site,

The biggest Asian football event kick off in 27 days, all communities appreciate this Asian Cup. Indonesia – as final host gear up for the Asian Cup, more than thousand tickets sold. “More we close to the kick off, the tickets selling will be increase,” said the ticketing LOC Irawan Adjidarmo. The football fans able to reserve the Asian Cup ticket directly, they just have to come to Squash building, Gelora Bung Karno main stadium to order it. Despite order it directly they also able to contact the ticketing division via mobile phone, just call 021-98288948 they can fulfill they tickets needed. Therefore, if the fans want to do not loose any chance watch the Asian Cup live in the stadium, they have to order it right now.

I'm off tomorrow so won't have time to get to the stadium till a few days before the Cup starts.


PSS Sleman v Pelita Jaya

PSS went down 3-0 at home in this Copa Indonesia tie.

Nice stadium mind!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Thierry Henry and the media circus

For years we had the will he stay won't he stay pre season debate over Patrick Vieria. Now we have the same old nonsense with Thierry Henry. Both club captains I might add! For captains who are supposed to set an example not just to other players but the fans they both acted like prima donnas. No wonder so many fans from my generation have little but contempt for the average player today.

Henry of course is no average player. But when he comes out with comments like

'Last season, people were announcing all over the place that I was leaving.
'Some people wrote that it would happen for sure but at the end of the day I stayed at Arsenal. It could be the same this year.
'I've not taken any decision and my name is not up on any departures board. If something happens, I will tell everybody.'

you can understand why people are wary. Or weary. Me, I'm bored with it. Every bloody year same old shit.

The problem is of course we now have a large media circus dancing round English football and in the close season they are gagging for morsels which they lap up with the glee of a performing sealion. They fabricate stories, take quotes, mix them up, add 2 and 2 and get 7 and punters devour it. Message boards and blogs analyse each scrap and regurgitate an opinion and we have a self perpetuating circle that only gets broken when the season starts and we can start talking about football again.

This whole obssession with celebrity has grown up and enveloped much of the western media it seems and although I left before it started I still get asked about Beckhams, Owens, The Spice Girls or whichever manufactured pap artist is flavour of the month. In fact it wasn't so long ago I was asked what I thought of Paris Hilton. Dunno I answered with disarming honesty, never stayed there!

Stay or go I don't care. The Arsenal were around for along time before he arrived, we'll be around long after he's gone. But why the hell should so many people be suckered into by this nonsense time and time again?


Live from the changing room

One of the little quirks of Indonesia's coverage of football is the access camera crews have to the changing room.

These unfurnished rooms centre around the coach with a white board explaining what to do second half while the players sit on the tiled floor looking on disinterestedly.

No lockers, no benches these spartan rooms are nothing like what my pub team had back home, I think many lack showers! Certainly Persija Jakarta have a club house far from the stdium where they get changed and shower after the game.

You can't help but wonder what the new breed of managers would say about his star players sitting on their arses for 15 minutes during a game.


PSS Sleman v Pelita Jaya

Pelita Jaya take the lead, the home keeper making a right hash of a geader from Diawara.

Nice pitch!


AFC Cup Quarter Final Draw

Mahindra United (IND) v Nijmeh (LIB)

Tampines Rovers (SIN) v Al Faisaly (JOR)

Xiangxue Sun Hei (HKG) v Al Wihdat (JOR)

Shabab Al Ordun (JOR) v Singapore Armed Forces (SIN)

Good to sea South East Asia, well Singapore, has a couple of clubs in the final 8 and a good cup run by either of these would do the city state's chances the world of good of getting into the ACL.


Asian Champions League Quarter Final Draw






Kosin Hathairattanakool

Persib Bandung fans will remember their keeper from last season, the eccentric Thai international Kosin Hathairattanakool.

This season he is plying his trade at go ahead Thai club Chonburi FC. Chonburi lies just east of Bangkok along the main road to popular tourist destination Pattaya and unlike many clubs in Thailand seem to understand the importance of having a club relate to its supporters.
This season, showing a sense of adventure lacking from much of the other Thai teams, they competed again in the Singapore Cup. Last seaon they were beaten finalists. This time around they were out at the first hurdle.
With a forward thinking set up behind the scenes perhaps Chonburi could be at the forefront of a rejuvenation of Thai domestic football. Their fans seem to think so...check out their website!


Thai Farmers Bank FC

Despite living in Asia for several years it took me a long time to really get into the local football scene which, looking back, does seem a bit odd.

Back in my early days I lived in Bangkok. The dominant force in Thai football was Thai Farmers Bank though I never knew till recently how dominant. I knew about them primarily because they had a Club Shop in Siam Square selling pennants and other nick nacks. I didn't know where they played, who their top players were or what the competition was like, the Bangkok Post rarely touched upon Thai football and I couldn't read Thai at the time. Of course there was no internet then!

In the 1990's Thai Farmers Bank strode majestically across not just the Thai scene but also Asia. They won the Thai League four times in six years (90, 92, 93, 95) and the Queen's Cup four times (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997).

They also won the Asian Champions League twice in 1994 and 1995, the only South East Asian to have triumphed. Indeed no team has won the trophy more than TFB though several have also won it twice. Selangor from Malaysia were beaten finalists in the inaugral tournament losing to Hapoel Tel Aviv of Israel!

But there's more! The winners of the Asian Champions Cup used to play off against the winners of the African Champions Cup for the Afro Asian Championship and Thai Farmers Bank were victors in 1994, beating Egypt's Zamelak on away goals. A year later they were beaten 4-1 on aggregate by Tunisian side Esparance, the first leg being held bizaarely in provincial Suphanburi. Or maybe not so odd. Thailand's Prime Minister at the time was the dimunitive Banharn Silpa Archa and his constituency was ...Suphanburi!

Judging by their record, Thai Farmers Bank gave up sponsoring it's football club probably about 1997 or 1998 when the Asian economic crisis struck. The shop closed down and I never got to see probably Asia's most successful club side in action!


South Korea's Premiership stars

It looks highly unlikely any of Korea's English based players will be putting in an appearance at the upcoming Asian Cup.

Manchester United's Park ji Sung was never going to show after he went to America in April to have a troublesome knee looked at.

Lee Young-pyo, the 30 year old Tottenham left back, also has a knee injury. I imagine with Spurs having signed young Welsh defender Gareth Bale, Lee won't want to be away from the training ground too long!

Seol Ki-hyeon of Reading has an ankle injury.

Middlesbrough's forward Lee Dong guk is another one with a dodgy knee

The South Koreans will announce their 23 man squad this Friday.

I of course am in no way cynical and think that it is just coincidence the highest profile Korean footballers should all have injuries that will keep them away from the Asian Cup


Is Erol Iba on his way to Sydney FC?

A few weeks back it looked like the deal was off, Sydney unprepared to meet Iba's salary as it would break their salary cap.

Now a blogger on Foxsports, Half Time Orange, is saying that the deal may be back on.

Obviously for Erol Iba to play in Sydney can't be anything other than a wonderful opportunity for the lad. Sydney is a world class city to live, work and play in as I know from my time there and I'm sure the Sydney fans would take to the energetic Papuan.

It would also be a boost to young Indonesian players to know that there are clubs out there monitoring the development of football here and that if they perform on the big stage they will be noticed.

I'm sure though that while Persik fans have been delighted by the home form their club has shown in the ACL this year, Indonesian fans would be delighted to see friendlies with the Socceroos on a regular basis. Perhaps if Iba does move overseas the local FA could start to widen their horizons and start thinking about bringing quality international opposition to Indonesia that might fill stadia and not minnows like Hong Kong and Oman.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Free football and the SLeague

In Singapore!

Friday night sees Home United host Gombak United at Jalan Besar and fans will be allowed in free! There's also free ice cream. Face painting. And popcorn. Yeap, we are talking about a football match!

But there's more...Win a prizes...
This is not some bog standard mid table yawn but sees league leaders Home United meeting 4th place Gombak.
What the hell am I waffling on about the SLeague for? Next month I'm off there for a few days and in among the beers I'm hoping to take in a couple of games.


Indonesia Friendly Update

v Jamaica 21/6 Jakarta
v Oman 24/6 Jakarta
v Liberia 30/6 Palembang


Ricardo Carvalho coming to Indonesia

Chelsea's Lord Percy lookalike Carvalho is on his way to Indonesia. No, Persija Jakarta are not looking at signing him (and why should they when they have Abanda?) but he will be here to promote the Asian Cup for a couple of days. He replaces Park ji Sung of Manchester United who is injured.


Vietnam announce their squad

It seems I'm more confident about Vietnam's chances than they are with their German coach being quoted as saying:

"Young players have proved their ability recently. There is no reason not to call them for the national squad. We should create opportunities for young players to participate in elite events and it is good for Vietnam football.”
“This is the first time Vietnam is hosting the final round of the AFC Asian Cup™. That’s an honour, but it is also a burden on the Vietnamese players.”
“We will try our best to prepare for this event. The three rivals of Vietnam are very strong. Japan , Qatar and UAE are better than Vietnam in all aspects so Vietnam doesn’t have many opportunities to enter the next round. However, a good style of playing which shows improvement can satisfy fans.”

Gee, thanks coach!

GK: Duc Cuong (U23), Quang Huy, Hong Son,
DF: Nguyen Van Bien (U23), Viet Cuong (U23), Phung Van Nhien, Quang Thanh, Nhu Thanh, Huy Hoang, Hung Dung
MF: Vu Phong (U23), Cong Minh (U23), Minh Chuyen (U23), Mai Tien Thanh (U23), Dong Huy Thai (U23), Tan Tai, Tai Em, Minh Phuong, Duc Duong
FW: Anh Duc (U23), Cong Vinh (U23), Phuc Hiep (U23), Thanh Binh (U23)
RESERVES: GK-The Anh, DF-Long Giang and Chau Phong Hoa, MF-Hong Minh and Mai Xuan Hop, FW-Hoang Ngoc Linh and Viet Thang.


Asian Cup predictions

I must admit I'm not usually one for predictions though I hold my hand up and admit I called the Champions League Final right! But with me on my happy hols soon I may not have a chance to get my tips down on paper so here goes.

Group A

Arab teams confuse me. All the players play for a club called Al- something or over, most are called Muhammed and they have one other thing in common. I know absolutely nothing about them football wise. Group A in Thailand sees host the hosts joined by Iraq, Oman and Australia in their first outing in this tournament. Thailand may be a bit of a spent force in ASEAN these days but their home crowd should count for somthing. Shouldn't it? Australia? If they can overcome their cockiness they might stand a chance but a worry is their weakness of bigging themselves for everything sportswise with little knowledge of their opponents. Let their football do the talking and we might see something worth remembering. Iraq and Oman? Hmm, let's see. Sod it. Ippy dippy dation, my operation, how many people at the station? It is not you! Oh man, it's Oman!

Group B

This group is being hosted by the Vietnamese and sees another couple of Arab teams, Qatar and UAE being joined by Japan. I've never liked teams whose names you can abbreviate, not since WBA beat Arsenal one year when we were going for the Championship. Qatar sounds like something that comes from deep in within one's throat. Based on this in depth analysis I forsee Japan being joined by ... Vietnam. Surely one of the hosts must qualify? If you think I'm being pretty rough on the Arab teams I'm not. I just cringe at the thought of Knock Out games between them being played in cavernous empty stadium. Sorry but Mohammed Usama Bin Hussein of Al Aiwa lacks the magnetism of Nakamura of Celtic or Viduka of Newcastle and face painted Japanese chicks or bevvying Aussie hoons singing about swagmen make for great entertainment.

Group C

Ha! This group is being held in Malaysia but they have as much chance of winning the Asian Cup as Perseman Manokwari have of winning the Asian Champions League. With a pathetic showing at some dreggy Australian club sides and seeing the headlines hogged by the PM and Manchester bloody United you have to feel some sympathy for the players and both their fans. I see them doing a Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest and getting nul point, a line I regret to say I've used elsewhere on this site. Iran, China and Uzbekistan make up the group and it's a question of who will join the Iranians. China aren't what they used to be while Uzbekistan bottled a game in Indonesia. Still, it is the Asian Cup and where would Asia be without all those 'stans filling the map so Uzbekistan for me.

Group D

Two more Arab countries join hosts Indonesia and South Korea in this group. Indonesia have had a lousy preparation for this cup and a recent 2-2 draw with club side PSS Sleman saw coach Ivan Kolev try out two formations, one either side of half time which begs a couple of questions. What is it with international coaches and dicking round with formations? And does he know his ideal starting XI? One reason I don't like international football is coaches inane ability to put square pegs in round holes. What the hell? Ismed Sofyan is blinding at Wing Back, let's put him up front in a three but hey? Let's not use the flanks...Who was the vegetable who put Keith Curle, a central defender of limited ability and full of the grace of an oil tanker doing a 3 point turn at full back? Can you imagine Richard Branson hiring a HR expert and putting him, or her, in charge of accounting? But as ever I digress whenever I have nothing decent to say. South Korea will go through joined by Indonesia. Not that I think the hosts will, I would just love to see a successful Cup have a knock on effect domestically.

So that gives us the following in the Q/F's.

Australia, Oman
Vietnam, Japan
Iran, Uzbekistan
Indonesia, South Korea

The Semi Finalists will come from Australia, Japan, Iran and South Korea.

As for the winner? I'll wait till I see a few more games before sticking my neck out if you don't mind.


Are Valencia still coming?

There was a plan for Spanish giants Valencia CF to visit Indonesia and play a one off game at Bung Karno on 30th July, the day after the Asian Cup Final at the same venue. Amid all the hoo haa about Manchester United's proposed visit to Malaysia the Valencia trip was kept very low profile. Indeed I have heard nothing about it for a while.

Now I see Valencia will be playing in the Emirates Cup alongside Arsenal, Inter Milan and Paris Saint Germain at the end of July. Will they still come to Jakarta after that gruelling pre season tournament? Will they fancy a long trip across to Asia for what was essentially a 3 day stop over? Or will they say stuff it, in Spanish of course, and quietly drop Indonesia?

Monday, June 11, 2007


Halfway through First Division

Remeber there are 39 teams in 4 regional leagues. These are the leaders.

Group 1
PSP Padang
PSAP Sligi

Group 2
Persiku Kudus
Persikab Bandung
Persibat Batang
Persikab Depok

Group 3
PSIR Rembang
Persibo Bojonegoro

Group 4
Persisam Samarinda
Persigo Gorontalo


Football sponsorship - you know it makes sense!

Looking at the kids on Saturday at the Copa Indonesia clash between Persija and PSIS I couldn't help but notice how many people were gleefully puffing away. Indonesians love their tobacco and the sponsors of the Copa Indonesia would have been delighted at the haze that hung over the stadium. But it's not just 20 somethings taking a smoke. Nope, the sponsors will no doubt be delighted to see the younger generation lighting up and inhaling/exhaling with the manners of a serious smoker. After the stress of school exams these young teens were only too happy to follow their local team and smoke away their pocket money and no doubt the tobacco companies were just as happy to take their money.


Copa Indonesia Latest

PSAP Sigli v PSBL Langsa 3-1
Mitra Kukar v Persemalra 3-1
Persiba Bantul v Arema Malang 2-1 (Arema qualify on penalties)
Persibo Bojonegoro v Persik Kediri 1-1 (Persibo qualify on away goals)
Persis Solo v Persipasi Bekasi 0-0
Persija Jakarta v PSIS Semarang 1-0
Persebaya Surabaya v Delta Putra Sidoarjo 1-1
Persin Sinjai v PSM Makassar 2-1 (PSM qualify 4-2 on aggregate)

A genuine Cup upset saw First Division Persibo Bojonegoro get past Liga Champions Persik on away goals. The Surabaya Derby against Deltras ended all square in front of a large crowd but Deltras will fancy their chances in the second leg.

This weeks fixtures

Persibo Bojonegoro v Gresik United
Persemalra v Mitra Kukar
PSBL Langsa v PSAP Sligi
Persekabpas v Arema
Persita v Persitara (?)
PKT Bontang v Persipon Pontianak
PSSB Bireuen v Sriwijaya
PSS Sleman v Pelita Jaya
Gresik United v Persibo
Persidafon v Persipura Jayapura
PSM Makassar v Persiwa Wamena


More quality friendlies?

With Uzbekistan and UAE pulling out of friendlies and the Asian Cup less than 4 weeks away it seems the Indonesian FA have been busy looking for new opponents. Oman and Liberia have been pencilled in. Wooo

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Grounds for a change?

Lebuk Bulus is a fairly convenient ground to get to. It's by the freeway, near a bus station and has a couple of quality pubs nearby. Acess to the stadium is tricky, just one way in and out makes leaving after the game a nightmare but a couple of malls provide plenty of parking spaces.

I've heard of one rumour doing the rounds that the ground will be extended from it's current 12,000 or 15,000 capacity but I've heard nothing concrete.

Today in a local tabloid was a story about Persija moving back to a more central location in Rawa Sari.

Who knows which has the greater foundation of truth but one thing is certain. Don't expect any quick decision.

Persib bandung are also rumoured to be looking for a new stadium. Neighbours Perskab Bandung District have a jolly affair many miles south of the city but I understand Persib want something more central.

For any budding groundhopper Indonesian football van be a frustrating experience with so little info easily available. Persitara Jakarta North have had 3 stadiums in the last few years with Tugu, Cilegon and now Kamal Muara. Persekabpas Pasuruan District can do better than that. I seem to recall they've played in about 4 different towns in the last 18 months!


The Jakmania getting behind their team

Great picture eh?

This was taken just as the game kicked off. Yesterday's cup game had probably the best atmosphere at a ground I've heard in years and the last 15 minutes or so were awesome!


Persija v PSIS in pictures


Asian Cup tickets

I live in the 'burbs. I have a day job. I'm kinda busy in my own way. So Saturday I had some free time so I thought I'd go to Bung Karno and get my tickets for the Asian Cup. So we parked up in Senayen and walked round the stadium in search of the FA office. We found it. It was closed!

WTF! This may surprise the bods at the FA but people do have lives and very often these lives keep them busy Monday to Friday. Battling the central Jakarta traffic just ain't an option. In Thailand and Malaysia you can buy tickets from a ticket agency. In Indonesia you can buy them from an office but boy you gotta put the effort in. I will because I have this website and to be brutally frank it's an opportunity to raise my profile. But what about other people? Will they mind the inconvenience or will they stay home and watch the games on TV?
The pictures shows the marketing biltz has begun. I jikingly said a few days ago I hoped the pre tournament advertising wouldn't be limited to a couple of spanduk round the stadium. The picture shows one of the spanduk round the stadium! It says get your tickets now! But not at the weekends 'cos these people have their day off!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Solassa out for 6 months

Iconic Indonsian forward Boas Solassa will be out of action for the rest of this year following his broken ankle in the friendly against Hong Kong recently.

Shot shy Indonesia were banking on the livewire Persipura Jayapura striker for scoring and creating goals in the upcoming Asian Cup after a rich run of form domestically but will now rely on Persija's Bambang and pray he gets some service.


Persija Jakarta v PSIS Semarang

Copa Indonesia action today at Lebuk Bulus in this clash of two of Indonesia's powerhouses. I'm not sure whether Gustavo Ortiz will be playing for Persija against his former club, rumour has it last I heard he was on his way out.

Check back later today, if I don't go on the piss, or tomorrow if I do, for all the news and images of this first leg tie.


Mursyid Effendi

A few weeks back I mentioned how Effendi had been with his local club Persebaya bloody ages and I ironically asked if he got a testimonial.

He didn't. He got released!

Football can be a cruel business and the loyalty is all one way. To the club. I'm not sure why he was released but at least the fans haven't forgotten his loyal service. Some of the B-Fazter Supporter's Club visited him at his home to thank him for his service and wish him well.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Australia announce Asian Cup squad

John Aloisi (Alaves, Spain), Michael Beauchamp (Nuremberg, Germany), Mark Bresciano (Palermo, Italy), Tim Cahill (Everton, England), Nick Carle (Newcastle Jets, Australia), David Carney (Sydney FC, Australia), Jason Culina (PSV Eindhoven, Holland), Brett Emerton (Blackburn Rovers, England), Vincenzo Grella (Parma, Italy), Brett Holman (NEC Nijmegen, Holland), Brad Jones (Middlesbrough, England), Harry Kewell (Liverpool, England), Patrick Kisnorbo (Leicester City, England), Mark Milligan (Sydney FC, Australia), Lucas Neill (West Ham, England), Michael Petkovic (Sivasspor, Turkey), Mark Schwarzer (Middlesbrough, England), Mile Sterjovski (Basel, Switzerland), Archie Thompson (Melbourne Victory, Australia), Michael Thwaite (Wisla Krakow, Poland), Carl Valeri (US Grosseto, Italy), Mark Viduka (Newcastle, England), Luke Wilkshire (Twente, Holland)

No Zoran Ilic eh?

Interesting to see just a couple of players from Sydney FC who did so well in their first season the the Asian Champions League, make the squad.

Australia will have a few days in Singapore before flying up to their base in Bangkok where they are in the same group as Thailand, Oman and Iraq and they will probably start favourites but as Sydney found out, especially away to Persik Kediri in the ACL they would do well not to underestimate any of their opponents.

Coach Graham Arnold is a familiar name to me. He spent several years at what was once known as Sydney Croatia (now Sydney United) before tying his luck in the Netherlands and Belguim.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Ricardo Salampessy - Persipura Jayapura

Looking back at Indonesian line ups over the recent years I've been struck by how many of the same old names keep appearing. A bit like Frank Lampard really, some players become as much a part of the scenery as the coach driver and the person who irons the shirts.

Salampessy is one of the new breed and further proof of the rich talent that lies in Indonesia's Eastern Islands. Pessy, as he is luckily called, was born in Ambon in 1984. In fact, from the world of useless John Motson stats, he was born on the very day I was at Highbury watching an insipid Arsenal draw 1-1 with Aston Villa, Graham Rix scoring our goal in a team that featured Jennings, Sansom, O'Leary and Charlie Nicholas.

But I digress. Pessy began his career with Persiwa Wamena in 2004 but he just spent a couple of seasons in the Papuan highlands before moving north to the bright lights of Jayapura. He is no stranger to the National set up having played last year in the Merdeka Cup, the ASEAN Cup and now a shoe in for the Asian Cup at right back.


Where's me logo gone???!!

It's hosted by another site and I haven't paid the hosting!!!


Forget the Henry hype

Hong Kong international Ambassa Guy is at the heart of a tug of war between Persija Jakarta and Arema Malang. Arema believe he has already signed a contract while Persija had him watched last Friday with assistant coach Isman joining Dubrovin in the stands. Ambassa of course had a season with Persija back in 2005.


Asian Cup tickets on sale from today

Having been available for the last few weeks on line tickets now go on sale through the more mundane medium of a ticket office.

The AFC gush that making tickets available on line was a milestone development in
promoting the game to fans in Asia and worldwide
. The fact that no one I knew had a scooby where to buy tickets is overlooked I guess. The AFC now expect a robust sale of tickets through the kiosks.

Reading through the fog of marketing gobble dee gook, one can't help but draw the conclusion that ticket sales worldwide on line may have been less than healthy and there's bloody loads available if you can get to the correct outlet. One does hope that the Indonesian FA get their act together and promote this tournament and not rely on their own as yet unupdated website or a couple of spanduk round Senayen to sell the event. There will be no worse advertisment for the game in Asia than rows and rows of nicely painted seats lacking bums.

Attempting to minimise touting the AFC have allowed just one official vendor per country and Malaysia and Thailand have both got a professional ticket agency. Indonesia has a little hut at Bung Karno!

I will be there Saturday attempting to buy my tickets and we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Persekabpas update

Just gone 2-0 up in their Copa Indonesia tie with Nemi being given far too much time to turn on the edge of the box and then beating the Persela keeper on the near post

Within moments Marcio of Persela spits the dummy and deservedly gets a red and Persela were lucky others didn't follow him, they way they jostled and pushed the ref was pathetic but all too common here.

All well and good bemoaning the lack of imagination that emanates from the FA but players too have a responsibilty and each act of petulance just reinforces the belief of the Indonesian public that football here is a joke. Marcio has shown he has a touch of class but this time the red mist came up and strutting round like a spurned rooster in the yard isn't bright and isnt' clever.

Instead of spending the final moments pressing for an away goal that would have seen the visitors go through Persela, outnumbered and outfought, were on the back foot and never looked like threatening.

Persekabpas win 2-1 on aggregate and my pizza hasn't arrived!


Kolev wields the knife

National team coach Ivan Kolev has taken his squad to Solo in preparation for the upcoming Asian Cup which starts early next month.

Five players from the original party have been dropped including two of the five keepers.

Arema's Achmad Kurniawan is out as is Persiba Batul's Galih Sudarsono. Joining them in being able to concentrate on the Copa Indonesia are Persija's Hamkah Hamzah, Bayu Sutha of Persib and Aris Budi Prasetya of Persik.


What's in a name?

Quite a lot actually.

I've often been puzzled by Sidoarjo, a club almost a suburb of Surabaya in East Java. They are commonly know as Sidoarjo Deltras and this has confused me because their stadium is known as Gelora Delta. So whence the surplus 'R'?

As ever I found the answer when I was looking for something entirely different. The full name of the club is Delta Putra Sidoarjo and as is the Indonesian want the acronym is Deltras.

I learnt one other thing. The Deltras were originally based in Denpaser, Bali where they were known as Gelora Dewata. They relocated about 2001 to Sidoarjo which was the home town of the club president.

You think that's confusing try this one. Persijatim used to play in Jakarta, Jatim referring to Jakarta Timur or East Jakarta. They were also known for a while as Jakarta FC. They moved to Surakarta where they were known as Solo FC. Confusingly Jatim is also the accepted acronym for Java Timur or East Java and there is to this day a bar in Surabaya called the Jatim. They have now alighted on Sumatra in the city of Pallembang where they are known as Sriwijaya FC.

One day I'll try and decipher the name changes of Pelita Jaya but don't hold your breath. What Indonesia football needs is a Rothmans Football Yearbook!


Copa Indonesia is back

Today sees Persekabpas Pasuruan District play Persela Lamongan while tomorrow we have, second time lucky, Persitara Jakarta and Persita Tangerang. With or without fans?

Also tonight we have the Indonesia Under 23's play their Vietnamese counterparts in a purely academic game in Hanoi.

And did you know Indonesia's last home friendly before the Hong Kong game last Friday was against India in June 2004!

Monday, June 04, 2007


Asian Cup 1988 - Indonesia's story

Qualifying Round

Indonesia v Yemen 1-0
Indonesia v Bahrain 0-0
Indonesia v South Korea 0-4


Asian Cup 1992 - Indonesia's story

Qualifying Round

Indonesia v China 0-2
Indonesia v Singapore 1-2
Indonesia v Malaysia 1-1


Asian Cup 1996 - Indonesia's story

Qualifying Round

Malaysia v Indonesia 0-0
Indonesia v India 7-1

Asian Cup

Indonesia v Kuwait 2-2 Abu Dhabi
Widodo Gahyo Putra, Ronny Wabia

South Korea v Indonesia 4-2 Abu Dhabi
Widodo Gahyo Putra, Ronny Wabia

UAE v Indonesia 2-0 Abu Dhabi


Asian Cup 2000 - Indonesia' s story

Qualifying Round

Hong Kong v Indonesia 1-1
Cambodia v Indonesia 1-5
Indonesia v Hong Kong 3-1
Indonesia v Cambodia 9-2

Asian Cup

Kuwait v Indonesia 0-0
China v Indonesia 4-0
South Korea v Indonesia 3-0


Asian Cup 2004 - Indonesia's story!

Qualifying Round

Indonesia v Bhutan 2-0 Jeddah
Kurniawan DY, Zaenal Arif

Indonesia v Yemen 3-0 Jeddah
Uston Nawawi 2, Zaenal Arif

Indonesia v Saudi Arabia 0-5 Jeddah

Bhutan v Indonesia 2-0 Jeddah
Eduard Ivak Dalam, Zainal Arif

Yemen v Indonesia 2-2 Jeddah
Eduard Ivak Dalam, Djet Donald Laala

Saudi Arabia v Indonesia 6-0 Jeddah

Asian Cup

Qatar v Indonesia 1-2 Beijing
Surdosono, Astaman

China v Indonesia 0-5 Beijing

Indonesia v Bahrain 1-3 Jinan
Elie Aiboy

Indonesia finished 3rd on 3 points


Past Asian Cup Finals

It's just dawned on me I know little about the history of the Asian Cup so I thought some research was in order.

There have been 13 tournaments so far, the first was held in 1956 in Hong Kong, the most recent in 2004 in China.

Most Wins
Japan - 3
Iran - 3
Saudi Arabia - 3
South Korea - 2
Israel - 1
Kuwait - 1

Finals Appearances
South Korea - 5
Saudi Arabia - 5
Israel - 3
Iran - 3
Japan - 3
Kuwait - 2
China - 2
India - 1
Burma - 1
UAE - 1

Previous Hosts
1956 - Hong Kong
1960 - South Korea
1964 - Israel
1968 - Iran
1972 - Thailand
1976 - Iran
1980 - Kuwait
1984 - Singapore
1988 - Qatar
1992 - Japan
1996 - UAE
2000 - Lebanon
2004 - China
2007 - Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam


Indonesia friendlies

The National Team are sheduled to depart for Solo today following the cancellation of their friendly with Uzbekistan. Coach Ivan Kolev plans on keeping them busy as they have lined up a series of friendlies against Central Java opposition.

Persis Solo (June 8)
Persijap Jepara (June 9)
PSIS Semarang (June 13)
PSS Sleman (June 16)

Indonesia start their Asian Cup at home to Bahrain on July 10th. Saudi Arabia and South Korea complete the group.


An absence of ideas

After two poorly promoted and two poorly attended friendlies against meager opposition I guess it is no real surprise the game with Uzbekistan was cancelled. Mention this Central Asian country to many Indonesians and they greet you with a blank look. One or two respond with a knowing smile and make reference to the presence of high class prostitutes in Kota but that is not for this blog! No one refers to their ability on the football pitch and no one knows any of their star players!

This is though the best the Indonesian FA have been able to entice to these shores. No attempt was made to bring the Netherlands or Argentina, two big names currently touring the region. Of course people might bemoan the lack of money there is circulating in the game here and for sure money is the biggest obstacle. All the more reason for professional administrators but again I digress.

Indonesia has a population of over 200 million. A lot of private money in Singapore comes from here, honestly or ill gotten. There is a booming middle class with money in their pockets and cars galore clogging the streets and these people have money to burn. Hell, have you seen the queues at the newly opened Burger King? The crowds when the UEFA Champions League passed through? There is a large, untapped, enthusiastic, football following here that for various reasons is being ignored; all it takes is some brave man to take a punt.

At the moment, nothing happens here sports wise unless a company with deep pockets fronts the cash and the deepest pockets belong to the tobacco companies. They sponsor both the Liga Indonesia and the Copa Indonesia and if they could would probably sponsor the World Cup. They are however prohibited from sponsoring international fixtures and this is the brick wall Indonesian football hits every time an idea looks like taking off.

I don’t doubt Manchester United and their associated products ranging from sports goods manufacturers and insurance companies would bend over backwards at the opportunity of running round Bung Karno in front of rabid Indonesian supporters who would doubtless fill the arena. The fact is though; there is no one beyond the tobacco companies with the financial wherewithal to bring them here. Instead they regularly visit Malaysia which boasts a population nearly one tenth the size.

No one but the tobacco companies could have paid for the Netherlands or Argentina to come here. Instead, what we have is Hong Kong and the Singapore Under 23’s playing in front of attendances that wouldn’t have filled Lebuk Bulus Stadium.

It is surely down to the Indonesian FA to get out there and find the people who would be willing to help bring the bigger names into the country. They need to show the kind of initiative we normally associate with Singapore to big up their country not just in the eyes of corporate Indonesia but the world. They can start on a local level because when the law passes preventing tobacco companies from sponsoring sports football here will be like a fish up a tree with Persija Jakarta playing Persita Tangerang ad infinitum because there is no money to travel. Perhaps they could ask the Uzbek hookers to help?


Uzbekistan cancel friendly

The Indonesian FA are reporting Uzbekistan have pulled out of Wednesday's friendly in Jakarta.

Mind you they also report the friendly with UAE is going ahead!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Copa Indonesia Second Round Draw

PSMS Medan/Persibut Bungo v Semen Padang
Persita Tangerang/Persitara Jakarta North v PSBS Bangkinang/PSDS Delis Serdang
PSAP Sligi v PSBL Langsa
PSSB Bireuen v Sriwijaya
Persija Jakarta v PSIS Semarang
Persis Solo v Persipasi Kota Bekasi
PSS Sleman v Pelita Jaya Purwakarta
Persijap Jepara v Persib Bandung/Persik Kendal
Persik Kediri/Persibo Bojonegoro v Gresik United/PPSM Magelang
Persabaya Surabaya v Sidoarjo Deltras
PKT Bontang/Persewangi Banyuwangi v Perspin Pontianak/Perst Tabanan
Persela Lamongan/Perskabpas Pasuruan District v Arema Malang/Persiba Bantul
PSM Makassar/Perssin Sinjai v Persiter Ternate
Mitra Kukar v Persemalra Tual
Persiba Balikpapan v Perseman Manokwari
Persimin Minhasa/Persidafon Dafonsoro v Persipura Jayapura/Persido Donggla

Games begin next weekend and are played home and away

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta


Indonesia v Hong Kong

3-0 looks a comfortable enough result on paper but in truth while Indonesia were rarely threatened by an insipid Hong Kong team they in turn did little in the top half of the field to give South Korea sleepless nights in the upcoming Asian Cup.

A small crowd, perhaps 6,000, looked dwarfed in the cavernous Bung Karno as the rain fell steadily throughout the game in Central Jakarta. First half Indonesia, adopting an attacking 4 4 2 rarely utilised the width and when they did all too often Boas Solassa produced little end product. Defensively it was very solid and the keeper had little to do but at half time there were too many questions being asked among the fans about how the hosts hoped to create anything in the final third. All that possession wasted in a congested midfield.

Second half was more of the same and you wondered where a goal would come from. Finally one did. A free kick on the edge of the box and local hero Bambang gave the fans something to cheer.

Minutes later and a lightning attack down the left saw the ball pulled across the goal and an unlucky Hong Kong defender, panicked by a lurking Indonesian forward, slid the ball home. Later Zaenal Arief made the score 3-0. Bad news for Indonesia when Boas was taken off injured.

So a 3-0 victory in their first friendly should be cause for concern. Two goals from set plays, ironically the own goal showed the way forward by using the flanks a la Manchester United.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Persib Bandung v AC Milan

Original found on here somewhere!
Does anybody have more information about this fixture?


UAE fear jetlag

The United Arab Emirates have dropped their fixture against Indonesia which was scheduled for Solo, and replaced it with a match against South Korea to be played in Singapore.

The UAE coach Bruno Metsu decided to play the last match against a country which is not very far from the training camp venue in Kuala Lumpur so that UAE players will not be exhausted or suffering from fatigue due to the long journey to Jakarta.
For this reason he preferred to play against South Korea instead of Indonesia.


It remains to be seen if Indonesia can rearrange a friendly at such short notice. Perhaps Kiribati are available?

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