Friday, May 25, 2007


Agu Casmir (Gombak United & Singapore)

Agu Casmir is an interesting story. Born Nigerian, he took up Singapore nationality in 2004 and subsequently played for the national team. Last January it was reported he had signed for Persija Jakarta and collected a $20,000 signing on fee but he never turned up for training. Rumours placed him in Russia but a later story had him in Canada where he'd had enough of football and had only 'signed' for Persija too show he was worth big money! He finally returned to Singapore probably after deciding working for a living was too hard for him and he was suspended from the National Team for 12 months and fined $20,000 for acting like a pillock. So we have this guy who has done a runner, reneged on a contract and pocketed a signing on fee, he comes back and carries on playing as if nothing has happened and people wonder about footballers, wallets and egos! In the real world he'd be on the garbage heap...

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