Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Medan v Jakarta North

Half time and it's been mostly one way traffic give or take a late Jak North flurry of corners but it's 0-0


Monday, February 26, 2007


Weekend Round Up

Group 1

Sriwijaya v Jakarta 2-1 25,000
Jakarta North v Padang 0-1 3,000

Kediri v Banda Aceh 2-1 15,000
Malang v Deli Serdang 1-0 15,000
Medan v Sriwijaya 0-0 18,000
Bireun v Jakarta North 1-0 8,000
Padang v Tangerang 0-0 7,000
Jakarta v Pelita Jaya 2-1 10,000

1. Medan 11 points
2. Sriwijaya 10
3. Kediri 9
4. Bandung 9

Medan remain the only unbeaten team in Group 1 after 5 games but their last two games has seen them collect just 2 points. Aliyudin impressed as Jakarta climbed up to 9th with a comfortable 3 points against Pelita Jaya. Deli Serdang lost their 100% record on the road, falling to a late penalty at Malang. Two points separate the top 6, gripping stuff eh, with Lamongan and Malang just outside the 4.

Group 2

Surabaya v Sidoarjo 0-1
Bali v Yogyakarta 3-1 5,000

Pasuruan Division v Manado 2-2 10,000
Arema Malang v Persibom 0-0 10,000
Makassar v Bali 1-0 15,000
Sidoarjo v Jepara 4-2 2,500
Yogyakarta v Solo 0-0 12,000

1. Jayapura 10 points
2. Makassar 10
3. Arema Malang 9
4. Sidoarjo 9

While Surabaya slide from disaster to disaster, they lie 14th with 3 points, teir fellow 'big clubs' are looking good with Jayapura, Makassar and Arema holding the top 3. Arema won't be happy about being held at home and the crowd of just 10,000 was less than city rivals Malang! In the battle of the tourist destinations (!) took the points to climb to 6th while in their second big game, against Solo in the Kraton Derby (!) Yogyakarta took their first point of the season. They lie rooted at the bottom with a single point and a single goal . Surprise package Sidoarjo, a suburb of Surabaya, lie 4th.

Tomorrow Kediri and Arema must fancy their chances of going top of their respective divisions. At least for 24 hours. Medan host Jakarta North and these guys don't travel too well. Also on Wednesday Makassar host Surabaya, a game I' d love to see...but can't!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Jakarta v Pelita Jaya

On a dreadful pitch you have to credit both teams at least for trying to play football. The middle third was a quagmire looking rather like the Baseball Ground mid 70's. Both sides were forced down the flanks and Ali Yudin of Jakarta adapted better than most. He controlled the ball well in difficult conditions and it was no surprise he got the firt goal after 35 minutes.

Pelita flew out the blocks second half and scored within 90 seconds. There number 21 ran rings round the Jakarta left back and his cross was effortlessly turned in by someone.

Bambang does look a quality player, he has a good touch and an eye for goal but his finishing is astray at the moment. He set up Ali Yudin in the second half and he could have finished the game but slid his shot wide. His goal had been the harder.

Missed Jakarta's winning goal. Had to pick the missus up and inbetween the security gate and our house they rather inconsiderately scored again.

2-1 again. 4 games, 4 2-1's!

Latest score in the big game from Sumatra is Medan v Sriwijaya 0-0.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Midweek Review

Group 1

Semarang v Malang 1-2 10,000
Lamongan v Kediri 2-1 17,000
Tangerang City v Bireun 0-2 1,500
Bogor Division v Medan 1-1 12,000
Sleman v Tangerang 1-1 15,000
Bandung v Pelita Jaya 3-1 25,000
Sriwijaya v Jakarta 2-1
Jakarta North v Padang 0-1

1. Medan 10 points
2. Sriwijaya 9 points
3. Bandung 9 points
4. Lamongan 9 points

A couple of surprises with Semarang losing at home to Malang and Kediri losing at Kediri. Medan drop their first points at Bogor but remain unbeaten. Tangerang City continue to flop with another blank sheet and their fans deserting them. Lamongan are definitely the surprise of the season so far but will it last? And of course Sunday sees ...Medan host Sriwijaya!

Group 2

Kalimantan East v Pasuruan Division 1-1 7,000
Balikpapan v Arema Malang 1-1 10,000
Ternate v Manokwari 3-0 13,500
Minhasa v Makassar 0-2 13,000
Jayapura v Solo 3-1 25,000
Wamena v Jepara 1-1 5,000
Surabaya v Sidoarjo 0-1

1. Jayapura 10 points
2. Arema Malang 8 points
3. Ternate 7 points
4. Makassar 7 points


Sriwijaya win 2-1 against Jakarta

and Jakarta North lose 1-0 at home to Padang.

A sad day for Jakarta football!


Bambamng gets one back

but is time running out for Jakarta?



Surabaya v Sidoarjo

Sidoarjo won 1-0! I wonder how many Sidoarjo fans made the short trip?


You gotta feel sorry

for the few Jakarta fans who made the trip to Palembang. They're playing shite.

They set off from Lebuk Bulus on Wednesday night about 9 pm and I'm guessing it takes about 8 hours driving time. On top iof that the ferry between Java and Sumatra takes a couple of hours.

All this for 200,000 rupiah and they're team are playing crap!!!

Who'd be a football fan eh?


Sriwijaya v Jakarta

Half time - 2-0 to Sriwijaya!

Do Jakarta have a defence?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Holland National Team to visit Thailand

Bangkok to Jakarta is what, a 3 hour flight? It isn't exactly rocket science this one. They're in the area...are the Dutch coming all this way for just one game?

Did anyone at the Indonesian FA think about getting a game arranged down here?

I guess not ...



The Jakarta Derby

The Jakarta North v Jakarta derby on Sunday afternoon was held up for 30 minutes when the fence around the pitch gave way under the enormous numbers who had made the short trip north. Numbers are notoriously unreliable here but while the Kamal Muara Stadium recently underwent renovation, last season Jakarta North played their home games in Cilegon, I have seen the new capacity set at either 15,000 or 20,000.

The Jakmania traveled in big numbers and of course no one was counting at the gate. The pressure built and the fences gave way with fans spilling on the pitch. The Jakarta manager said that the hosts were to blame! Maybe he's right. Estimates at the attendance ranged from 10,000 to 20,000 and you can be sure not everyone had a ticket.

There were no major incidents to report luckily. It's kind of like West Ham playing Orient. No one hates Jakarta North and they hardly have any fans anyway. Maybe not but they had the last laugh, a goal 7 minutes from time giving them 3 points and giving the Jakmania an unhappy trip home.


Monday, February 19, 2007


Weekend wrap

Western Division ( Group 1)

Semerang v Kediri 3-1 15,000
Lamongan v Malang 2-1 15,000
Sleman v Pelita Jaya 2-1 14,000
Bandung v Tangerang 2-0 25,000
Tangerang City v Medan 0-2 10,000
Bogor Division v Bireun 1-0 8,000
Jakarta North v Jakarta 2-1 15,000
Sriwjaya v Padang 4-1 25,000

Eastern Division ( Group 2)

Kalimantan East v Arema Malang 1-1 6,000
Balikpapan v Pasuruan Division 3-0 10,000
Wamena v Solo 3-0 15,000
Surabaya v Yogyakarta 3-1
Jayapura v Jepara 2-0 10,000
Ternate v Makassar 1-0 10,000
Minhasa v Manokwari 2-0 14,000
Bali v Sidoarjo 3-1 8,000

Semarang kicked off their season with a comfortable 3-1 win over champions Kediri in front of a disappointing 15,000 crowd. Bandung were comfortable winners over Tangerang who had plenty of possession, especially in the second half, but rarely looked like troubling the Bandung keeper. That Ernest for Tangerang is one big bugger but if they wanna use him as a target man then Tangerang really need to work on their crossing. It was pitiful. Medan kept their 100% run going winning 2-0 at Tangerang City. In the big Jakarta derby Jakarta North came out on top in a rumbustious affair that saw each team have a player sent off. Some crowd disturbances there as well.

In Group 2 Arema and Jayapura share top spot with 7 points each. Arema Malang were moments from a 3 point haul but Komang Mariawan equalised for Pupuk Kalimantan East at the death. Surabaya got the season up and running defeating Yogyakarta 3-1. Bali FC saw their debut home game come up trumps with 8,000 fans enjoying a 3-1 victory after going one down early in the second half.

A busy schedule this week with highlights seeing Medan trying to keep up their perfect start against new boys Bogor Division. Jakarta visit high flyers Sriwijaya in Palembang while Surabaya host near neighbours Sidoarjo.



Where have all the hard men gone

I was sitting in a traffic jam the other day, a common occurance here in Jakarta, and for some reason my mind moved on to hard men. Players who would get stuck in, win the mental battle in the first 30 seconds.

When I was young (oh god, not another old bore!!!) there were loads of them. Leeds United had 11 of them on the pitch every game. Peter Story, Ron Harris, Tommy Smith, there were loads of them. I knew most of them from reading Shoo! There was none of these here blogs, little TV coverage, in fact little information out there about football but I knew Norman Hunter bits your legs.

As I moved from the living room to the terraces Jimmy Case, Remi Moses and Graham Roberts kept up the tradition. Some of these could also of course play a bit. The Manchester United team of Atkinson in the early 80's were no mugs. Moses, Robson, Whiteside, Hughes, these guys could play football but they also mixed it a bit.

Other names spring to mind. Mickey Droy at Chelsea. Dave Mackay, Kenny Burns, Graeme Souness, Martin Keown, Stevie Williams, Peter Reid, Kevin Moran, Shaun Elliott, Denis Mortimor, Nobby Stiles, Colin Todd, Billy Bonds, David Batty, Terry Hurlock, Billy Whitehurst, Steve MacMahon ...

At Arsenal we had Paul Davis, a softly spoken modest lad who many felt wasn't good enough but he stuck in there and, one classic Highbury saturday afternoon, he lamped Glenn Cockerill, breaking said player's jaw in the process. We were dumbstruck, we never knew he had it in him but to be fair he wouldn't consider himself a hard man and nor did we.

More recently we've had Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira. Like an earlier generation they could knock the ball around pretty well, the physical part was just another aspect to their game. But were they the end of the breed? I spent 10 minutes thinking of a hard player and the best I could come up with was Robbie Savage. But he's shit. He's a run of the mill player who is trying to push himself as something but he's more Vinnie Jones than Norman Hunter. More pantomime clown than footballing legend.

So where are thses midfield tough guys now? My theory is that they have been yellow carded out of existance. As football gets more and more twee to pander to the numpties in the boxes and their corporate toadies, we are getting rid of what made football fun and passionate for another generation. There's a simple honesty in Tommy Smith snarling at an opposing forward, better that than Ronaldo and his diving antics.

But as football authroities have clamped down on anything and everything the hard man , the genuine hard man, will soon be an anachronism. Much like 3-5-2 and a Tottenham championship winning season. Football is getting soft in it's old age and it's not all a good thing. A lad I know recently went to see Arsenal play Blackburn at the Emirates. He thought it was the mutts nuts, a young Indonesian lad, first visit to football in England, he was dead chuffed at paying 150 quid to sit in the heavens and take in the atmosphere. He doesn't understand why I'm so cynical. I sent him a couple of links off You Tube. Ahh he says, I understand!


Saturday, February 17, 2007


Chrsitopher Wreh and Frequent Flyer Miles

We reported last year how Christopher Wreh was being lined up by Medan. It didn't happen and things went quiet but he has now resufaced in possibly one of the most remote footballing outposts on earth!

The island of Irian Jaya is the Indonesian half of New Guinea, a massive island of traditional cultures, a vivid eco system and very few roads. The capital city is Jayapura which takes a bloody long time to reach from Jakarta but does have a popular local team who were local champions in 2005.

No. From To DepartureTime ArrivalTime Flight Number Stops
1 Jakarta Jayapura 21:50 07:10 GA 650 2

Our friend Christopher had of course a short spell at Arsenal. He scored 3 vital league goals as we went on to win the Premiership in 1998. He also scored the winner in the Semi Final against Wolves. He played in the Cup Final and ended the season a Double Winner. Early the next season he scored at Wembley in the annual curtain raiser the Charity Shield. Then he fell away.

Well, now he has resurfaced, at least on the personal radar of this particular observer, in Manokwari.
At least he won't suffer from pollution! About the only thing Manokwari is famous for is that the first 2 bible beaters from Germany fronted up here in the 19th Century.

Here is a picture of the Manokwari firm mobbing up before a home game.

There ain't a lot about Manokwari on the web. Even Wikipedia only has this!

He's a long way from his nearest embassy, which as far as I could find out, is probably Taiwan!

Still, it looks like there are some other expats there as this god squad newsletter shows.

There are two other teams in Irian Jaya but don't count on any local derby atmosphere. Both Jayapura and Wamena (themselves only recently linked by a 600 km road through mountainous jungle) are only accessible by plane, indeed, Christopher can look forward to accumulating plenty of airmiles from his stay in Manokwari.

I hope he makes himself comfortable their and enjoys his football and one way to settle in with the locals would be to learn the language. But which one?
It looks a pretty wild place !
This is Manokwari's first season in the Indonesian League and obviously they are spending a few bob to make a splash. Their first game was at home to Balikpapin in front of 15,000 and they drew 1-1. Next up was another home game against East Kalimantin and this time they lost 1-0. This weekend they travel to North Sulawesi to play Minhasa and I have no idea about the logistics of this trip!


Friday, February 16, 2007


Weekend preview, Jakarta Post and Des again...

Another packed weekend of fixtures lies ahead of us with the pick probably seeing Semarang back home after a depressing trip to Sumatra. They face a buzzing Kediri at Jatidiri and need 3 points to kick start their season. With Julio Lopez is up against Christian Gonzales it also showcases some of the best foreign talent in the league. But this is Indonesia and Semarang and Kediri are two of the best run clubs in the country. Should be a cracker, it's live on TV but I'm going out to get pleasantly bladdered so hopefully Dave will keep me posted with reports from the ground.

Elsewhere Jakarta travel north to face Jakarta North in the Capital Derby. Tangerang travel to Bandung while city rivals City host Medan which has all the hallmarks of a goal feast. Face it, Tangerang City have signed Roger Batoum and have seen the opposing teams provide all their goals thise season (all one of them), while Medan just don't travel well despite being nigh on unbeatable at home.

In the Eastern Division Arema Malang travel to East Kalimantin looking to protect their 100% unbeaten record while Surabaya host Yogyakarta hoping to lose a less loveable 100% record of their own.

I was glancing through the Jakarta Post today when I saw on page 5 a special about the UEFA Champions League sponsored by a beer close to my gut. Now, fair enough the trophy will be passing through Jakarta next weekend on a whistle stop tour before it gets cleaned up and handed over to Arsenal in Athens but what caught my eye was something that wasn't there. I went to the sports pages and saw absolutely zilch about the Indonesian League. Not even a word about crowd trouble, nothing. OK, it's not the job of the Jakarta Post to publicise the domestic football (!). You would think there would be a department at the Indonesian Football Association who would be dealing with the press but obviously there isn't. With little or no attempt to attract a new fan to the stadium then football headlines will continue to be dominated by events in Europe and football fans will continue to recognise Henry, not Hamzah.

One person who does his bit to promote football, not just Indonesia but throughout Asia is Des Corkhill who pointed out to me that he doesn't consider himself an expert, just an enthusiastic fan trying to increase awareness of local football. And he does so with all the passion of a true fan. But at the end of the day, and we're talking Indonesia again now, while the satelitte channels can play a role in promoting the game there is no denying the domestic authorities could and should be doing more. Or another generation will grow up supporting Liverpool, Manchester United or Real Madrid rather that Persita Jakarta, Persib Bandung or Persiraja Banda Aceh.

Finally ESPN will be showcasing the best of Asian football when a new series of Top Corner hits the screen early next month. Over to you PSSI!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Des Corkhill gets it wrong!

Just been watching Football Crazy on ESPN and they have their resident Asian football expert, Des Corkhill, on talking about, um, Asian football. This week he focused on the Pelita Jaya game against Tangerang City that we covered yesterday.

It's great to see the local football getting wider coverage but just a small, anorak point Des. Pelita Jaya have 4 points and are unbeaten. However Persik Kediri, Deli Serdang and PSMS Medan have 6 points which puts them 2 points clear. Pelita Jaya and Tangerang vie for 4th spot!

To keep up to date with Indonesian football, make Jakarta Casual your first site to visit!



Bali fans unite

I remember years back the public outcry when money men tried merging some English football clubs. The fans of the clubs concerned, Reading and Oxford, soon protested and the plans dropped. This season sees Bali FC playing in the Eastern Division for the first time. this merger of several Balinese clubs mobviously must have made sense to all parties, especially if Bali were to have a place at the Super League next year. As far as I can make out they are being known this season as Persgi Gianyar Bali FC as the license is still held by Persigi. The clubs coming together to form this super club are Gianyar, Denpaser, Tabunan and Badung. Fans of the first 3 named have agreed to merge and become known as Laskar Naga Sakti what ever that may mean. Their first chance to put old rivalries behind them comes on Sunday when they host Sidoarjo in Gianyar.



Midweek round up

Kediri v Jakarta North 4-0 15,000
Banda Aceh v Slemen 1-1 5,000
Malang v Sriwijaya 0-1 10,000
Medan Lamongang 2-0 12,000
Deli Sedang v Bandung 2-0 6,000
Bireun v Semarang 0-0 8,000
Tangerang v Bogor Town 1-1 7,000
Pelita v Tangerang City 1-1 8,000

After the first 2 games Kediri, Deli Serdang, Medan and Jakarta all have 100 % records though Jakarta have only played once. It won’t please my mate Dave to see Semarang are 4th off the bottom after a trip to the tip of Sumatra got them just a single point. And Saturday they face Kediri, thankfully for them at home!

Makassar v Balikpapin 1-0 15,000
Pasuruan Town v Bali 1-1 11,000
Bomlang v Wamena 2-1 6,000
Manado v Jayapura 1-2 12,000
Manokwari v East Kalim 0-1 13,000
Arema Malang v Surabaya 2-1 30,000
Solo v Ternate 0-0 20,000
Jepara v Minhasa 1-0 14,000
Sidoarjo v Yogyakarta

Arema Malang and Jepara, both incidently transferred from the Western Division for this season, are the only clubs with a 100 % record after the first 2 games though both Sidoarjo and Yogyakarta have each played once. Surabaya are bottom with one goal and nil points.


Pelita Jaya v Tangerang City

The ugly side of Indonesian football was on show yesterday afternoon in Puwarkarta where Pelita Jaya hosted Tangerang City. A numb game was enlivened by a controversial penalty given to the home side halfway through the second half and the reaction of the City players.

Indonesian players come on to the pitch before kick off preceded by a large FIFA Fair Play banner but it’s obvious the players have no understanding of just what fair play means. Refs make decisions, of course they do, they’re human after all. But the manhandling and the pack chase of the ref after he gave the spot kick was disgraceful. The Tangerang players were pulling their own players out the way to intimidate the ref and there were plenty of hands laid on him in a none too gentle manner. I believe, though I cannot confirm this ‘cos I was only watching it on TV, that a visiting player spat at the ref!

This physical intimidation has no place in football anywhere and both the club and players should be sanctioned. After all it damages the game and the country. Amazingly, or perhaps not so amazingly, no one was booked; Pelita took the penalty and took the lead. Tangerang City later equalized through an own goal but the actions of their players left a sour taste in the mouth. Paul Jewell is getting in trouble because he gobbed off at the ref after seeing his side lose at Arsenal on Sunday but I didn’t see him or his players pushing or pulling the official this way and that.

In Tangerang City’s first game, the local derby against Tangerang I reported on the lack of passion displayed by the players when playing in front of an empty stadium. This time they went to the other extreme. Next season sees the Super League kick off and I imagine City fancy their chances of getting into it. If they do, I hope they remember their responsibilities. To their club, their fans and the game. With funds from local governments drying up what potential corporate sponsor wants to be associated with mob mentality on and off the pitch?

This afternoon sees Sidoarjo play host to Yogyakarta in the Eastern Division which seems as attractive as a dentist visit while suffering a monumental hangover. But as ever keep up with any action here…

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Indonesian fans

I've been asked to put up some pics of Indonesian fans so here we are. Click on the pic to find the source!

Arema Malang's fans have been voted the best fans in the country for the last 2 seasons. They also have won the Copa Indonesia in those years!

Bantul are a small team from the north coast of Java. Last season they played Jakarta in the Cup, do a search on this site to find the report

Solo have just come back up to the Indonesian League. They had the second biggest crowd of the day on Saturday and their ground is used for big domestic games

Slemen is a small town near Yogyakarta with a spanking new stadium

Jakarta are my local club if not my favourite. Their hard core support are known as Jakmania

The orange Jakarta fans at Semarang last season

Jakarta at home to Sriwijaya last season

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Arema Malang v Surabaya

A busy afternoon today with the highlight being the East Java Derby being hosted by Arema. As well as a packed stadium the game is being watched by observers from Kawasaki Frontale who they play in the AFC Champions League next month.

Other games include:

Banda Aceh v Slemen
Deli Serdang v Bandung
Medan v Lamongan
Biuren v Semarang
Kediri v Jakarta North
Malang v Sriwijaya

Bomlang v Wamena
Manado v Jayapura
Makassar v Balikpapin
Manokwari v East Kalimantin
Arema v Surabaya
Pasuruan Town v Bali

Monday, February 12, 2007


Weekend round up

Western Division

Banda Aceh v Bandung 1-2 11,000
Deli Serdang v Slemen 2-0 4,000
Medan v Semarang 1-0 20,000
Biruen v Lamongan 0-1 7,000
Kediri v Sriwijaya 1-0 20,000
Malang v Jakarta North 2-0 12,000
Padang v Jakarta 1-2 5,000
Tangerang v Tangerang City 1-0 Behind closed doors
Pelita Jaya v Bogor Town 1-0 8,500

Eastern Division

Bomlang v Jayapura 1-1 5,000
Manado v Wamena 1-1 12,000
Manokwari v Balikpapin 1-1 15,000
Arema Malang v Bali FC 2-0 25,000
Pasuruan Town v Surabaya 2-0 15,000
Makassar v East Kalimantin 0-0 15,000
Solo v Minhasa 1-0 23,000
Jepara v Ternate 2-0 14,000

what a goal fest over the weekend. NOT!

No shock to see Medan win the Match of the Day, beating Semarang up in North Sumatra. Everyone knows they're formidable on the road but if they really wanna challenge they have to take that form on the road.

Crowds are approximate and taken from Bola magazine.

There's a busy week of fixtures coming this space for a preview tomorrow.


Football needs fans

Watching the Tangerang Derby yesterday on TV one thing soon became perfectly clear. Playing such an important game behind closed doors takes away much of what makes football the vibrant, passionate sport that it is. You could hear the shouts of the players, the coaches, the flight path overhead. It had the look and feel of a practice game in the park but even there you’d get more passion than was witnessed yesterday at the Benteng Stadium.

Of course, at the moment Italy is getting all the headlines about football being played out in empty stadia for different reasons but at least for yesterday the reasoning was different. By allowing the game to go ahead without fans, the PSSI, the police and the clubs were making a glaring statement. They were saying they couldn’t trust their fans to behave themselves. They were saying they would rather forego the cash at the turnstiles than risk rampaging fans grabbing the headlines. The police were saying that they couldn’t control several thousand excited teenagers. Let’s be honest, most of these supposed hooligans are kids, young kids at that.

Another argument could be that with Indonesia hosting part of the Asian Cup this year, the said authorities didn’t want headlines of fan violence dominating the Asian headlines. Fair enough but…

One can assume, well one can hope, that admission to the Asian Cup games will be tightly controlled. Fans will only be able to get in by tickets purchased in advance. What was stopping the football authorities trying this new concept, new to Indonesia, on high risk league games? Of course it’s not that simple there will always be gatemen willing to take a back hander to ensure smooth entrance to ticketless fans: it used to happen in England after all!

But if Indonesia is serious about doing something about the violence that plagues the game then surely now is the time to do something about it? Get players out in the community. Introduce better ticketing arrangements, have high octane games designated all ticket. Charge people who offend. Ban people who are convicted of football violence. Play games at midnight. Many of the problems are societal problems and some of the solutions I’ve given are pie in the sky but something concrete needs to be done.

I lived through English football in the 70’s and 80’s where you’d go to a terrace brawl and once in a while a football match would break out. For years, the authorities did nothing. It took tragedies, not one but several, before people got serious about solving the problem. Given the disasters that have hit Indonesia in recent months, one can’t help but fear that should one tragedy occur, apathy will see others.

These are crucial times for Indonesia. The Asian Cup is just one aspect. Next season sees a new Super Liga of 18 clubs. Clubs are gagging for more resources from the corporate sector. To move beyond the deep pockets of the tobacco sector, Indonesian football will need to improve its product and get the fans in the stadium supporting their teams passionately but behaving more responsibly.



Last gasp winner

Football needs fans. The first derby of the season was played behind closed doors and in the main was a tepid affair lacking the passion you would expect of such an occassion. One bonus was that with no audience to play to there was less of the theatrics you normally associate with football here.

A first half penalty needlessly given away was saved by the Tangerang keeper and while the first 45 were pretty even, second half was mostly the hosts, looking naff in their new Black kit.

Right at the death in injury team, a sweet reverse pass put the giant Ernest through and he made no mistake. 1-0 for Tangerang.

Interesting to see Tangerang City have signed Roger Batoum and it was no surprise he couldn't score. He wasn't much cop last year at Jakarta.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


The Tangerang Derby

These pictures set the scene for tomorrow. This one was originally captioned Arema Malang invading the pitch at Tangerang who don't seem to interested.

The Benteng Stadium tomorrow hosts the Tangerang Derby so keep those doors and windows boarded up if you're in the area!

Tangerang with the ex Arema Malang coach at the helm and coming off their pre season success in Makassar will be hoping to carry on their good fortune against their fierce rivals.

It will certainly be a colourful affair with Tangerang wearing Violet while City prefer Yellow shirts with Blue shorts.

Follow this game only on Jakarta Casual ...



First game of the season

As far as game plans go it was simple and effective. Sriwijaya held out well in a tepid first half where shots on goal were at a premium and possession shared equally on the smooth looking Kediri pitch but in the second half the hosts cranked it up a gear.

Like a custard tsunami wave after wave of yellow shirted Kediri attackes probed the visitors flanks, looking for an accurate cross into the danger area. Ineveitably their target was the prolific Christian Gonzales. Inevitably they found him as he slipped his marker. Perhaps not so inevitably it took him an hour to beat the keeper but, inevitably, beat him he did, a powerful diving header that went through the hapless Freddy’s hands.

As Sriwijaya came out in search of the equalizer which perhaps their first half contribution deserved, they left themselves open to the counter attack led of course by the marauding Gonzales. On 78 minutes he had a possible penalty shout but as he was elbowed to the ground he got his shot off which had the keeper scrambling across the goal, relieved to see it just go past his left post.

With the Asian Champions League kicking off next month, it will be interesting to see whether clubs with deeper pockets come calling for the Uruguayan striker. Being selfish, I hope not. He adds real quality to the Indonesian League and is perhaps the one true superstar plying his trade here.

Friday, February 09, 2007


The season starts here

Tomorrow sees the delayed domestic kick off a journey that will see 2 divisions of 18 clubs vie for the prestige of being called Indonesian Champions. In 34 games time we will arrive at the Big 8 stage and finally a team will parade the trophy possibly in early January 2008. Yeap, it’s a long drawn out old season this one. We have a 3 month hiatus in May for the Asian Cup being held locally then we have another month’s break for the fasting season.

But that’s a long way off. The kick off sees some attractive looking fixtures as well as some interesting games. The pick of the bunch sees perennial contenders Medan, who don’t have Christopher Wreh listed among their squad, host perennial bridesmaids Semarang. Unfortunately TV coverage doesn’t seem to extend far beyond Jakarta or Surabaya so it won’t be shown live. Instead on Saturday we get to see reigning champions Kediri host Sriwijaya. On Sunday we get a tasty local derby as Tangerang play city rivals Tangerang City at the shared Benteng Stadium. The clubs have offered to play the game behind closed doors but the Indonesian Football (PSSI) authorities aren’t so keen on the idea. Put it this way, people I know in Tangerang will be staying away from the area on Sunday and if it does kick off then the PSSI will end up with plenty of bird flu free egg on their faces. Elsewhere, new boys Pelita Jaya meet Bogor Town while Jakarta go to Padang.

In the Eastern Division the highlight for a number of reasons sees Surabaya head along the east Java coast to play Pasuruan Town. It remains to be seen how many of Surabaya’s notorious hooligan following are allowed to make the journey. Cup Winners Arema Malang play the rebrand Gianyar, now seeking to unite the whole of Bali behind them under the name Bali FC.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


One minute to go

3 yards out

Indonesia miss a sitter. He doesn't even connect properly, the word fluff spings to mind.

One twat, in the second minute of injury time, goes to ground like he's been shot.

They had 26 attempts on goal, 75% of the possession and 14 corners. Pretty dominant you'd say.

With 4 minutes of injury time, the clock on 3:59, Indonesia finally break the deadlock.

You gotta feel for the Maldives, so close to a draw but the fact remains Indonesia should have scored a lot more but poor passing, poor finishing...



Persija Jakarta's new kit for this season

Image taken from the Jakmania site.

On Sunday Jakarta travel to Padang for the first game of the delayed season.


Indonesia v Maldives

This crowd puller (!) is a Pre Olympic Qualifier played over 2 legs. We're half way through the second half at a very empty looking Bung Karno and it's 0-0

Yep, the Maldives, that well known footballing powerhouse in the Indian Ocean are holding mighty Indonesia in Jakarta.

Oh dear...

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Football's cancelled!!!

I just read that Italian sport’s manufacturer Lotto have signed a deal with Champions Kediri which will help fund their AFC Champions jaunts. That’s the good news.

The bad is that the start of the season has been put back a week because no one has any money! Couldn’t happen anywhere could it? Apart from Italy of course!

So, Tangerang play Semarang next week. Possibly.


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