Saturday, January 20, 2007


Indonesia U-23

The Indonesian football authroties last year spent a small fortune on having the cream of their youth training in Netherlands in advance of the Asian Games. They came home with their tales between their legs after a disasterous tournament.

They have now just lost 3-0 against the Thais at a cavernous, and empty looking, Bung Karno Stadium.

Sacking Peter Withe is all well and good, it's normal to blame the coach, but the problems are deeper and start at the very top of the game.

Given the transportation woes that hog the headlines here, as well as Playboy and other such important issues, investment in sport is low on the list of priorites. Live with it, there will be no change in the near future. Indonesia belongs in the second tier of ASEAN footbal, alongside Laos, Philippines and Cambodia. Meanwhile, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore with possibly Myanmar are streets ahead of them.

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