Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Anybody wanna play for Indonesia?

I'm English. For us it's as normal as pigeons shitting on a new shirt. we put aside, temporarily, our narrow club loyalties and join everyone backing the national team. In our min and media and based upon nothing but blinkered bloodymindedness, we try to convince ourselves we're better than we really are. We're shit of courseour displays when it counts show what we really knew, deep, deep, down. We come to our senses and blame the manager.

Things aren't much different here. After a creditable runners up spot in the Meredeka Cup hopes were high Indonesia would put up a good show in Vietnam in the BV Cup. Three games later and everyone is firmly back on earth. No goals scored, 8 against, it's time to blame the manager, Peter Withe. But while the forign coach is roundly blamed and jeered it is to the foreign players that Indonesian football fans look for help. Recently amended citizenship laws make it easier for imported players to wear the red and white and everyone is hoping Kediri's prolific striker Christian Gonzales is one of the first.

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