Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Chelsea a big club? You're having a laugh

Upset at losing Gallas Chelsea have spat the dummy, accusing him of threatening to score an own goal if he had to play for them again. Compare that reaction to Arsenal, losing Ashley Cole who effectively put a gun to their heads. They wished him well...

Class can't be bought, I don't care how much money those buggers have they lack tradition, they lack class, they lack pedigree.

There are three big clubs in English football and they all wear red and white.

Remember, Chelsea are the team who tap up for fun. They are the club who hounded a ref into retirement. There's a foul smell emanating from SW 16 and it's affecting the whole game. Standards are being lowered, ethics are going out the window and something needs to be done. The game is bigger than any one club.

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