Friday, August 04, 2006


Should I stay or should I go???

The day job has been taking over. Plus we're in that weird stage waiting for the Premiership season to start. I can't be arsed reading about who the Arsenal are going to sign, I would say that either Ashely Cole comes out and says he wants to stay or he wants to go. Second guessing by copy starved journos news is not but you wonder if Arsene has any clue what Arsenal fans think. Last week he got riled when a member of the press asked him about the Cole situation. AW wondered whether the fans weren't more interested in the players who are training hard for the season. Yes AW we are but we also want to know what is happening with a greedy little shit bag who has professed to being an Arsenal supporter and who then accused the club of ratting on him 'cos he had a sneaky meeting with Chelsea which was against the rules.

All good publicity for his upcoming book of course, it's no wonder AW is more comfortable signing young foreigners and not proma donna English men who live their lives in Hello! magazine. Oh, and Carrick for nearly 19 million. You are jesting...Curtis David for 10 million ha ha ha. Still, should get a premium on Greedy Shit Bag then!


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