Monday, August 21, 2006


More from the recent crowd trouble

At the Surabaya v Solo First Division Final.

The Solo manager said it wasn't fair. Fair? Of course it wasn't bloody fair. You cant have thousands of fans crowding the touchline from your opponents and expect fairness.

The Indonesian League said they are disappointed but that people shouldn't blame the police or the authorities!!! Eh??? A few years back England played a North African team in Marseilles. Before that Tottenham, a small pointless club in North London, played Rangers in a friendly. Each time you knew, just knew there would be serious crowd trouble. Same with Surabaya playing an important game in Kediri. Hell, I knew there would be and I've been following Indonesian football for 8 months!

This chappie from the league said the supporters should have been more responsible bearing in mind the importance of the game!

For you sir I present you with the Jakarta Casual award for blaming everyone else for something that so obviously would go wrong.

Sorry, I can't be arsed to read the Surabaya side of the story.

The only similiar occurance I can recall from English football was in 1974. Manchester United were at home to rivals Manchester City and Denis Law scored for the visitors, sending the Red Devils down to the old second division. United fans invaded the pitch and the game was abandoned. There the similarity ends. The result stood but United were punished anyway. In this case Surabaya were winning the game 2-0 when the fans invaded the pitch and the game was called off. There were still 3 or 4 minutes on the clock but the result stands. Perhaps Solo weren't going to win anyway but we will never know. Once the crowd started lining the pitch the game was over.

In the interests of fairness it should be replayed behind closed doors...


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